I have been a Shipley Energy (Energy Objective) customer since 2008. A few years back, Tim Booth took over our commercial accounts. I am very happy that Tim is on our side all the time. I have never met anyone who can provide customer service the way he does. We are in the hospitality business owning several hotels and a sports complex so we know what customer service means. Tim is not just finding us the best deal but also audits our invoices to make sure the rates are correct, helps us in understanding the market, and works through the complex contracts for us. He is always a supportive and very knowledgeable fellow. We have saved money in the six figures so far. We will always stick to our favorite company and especially our great friend Tim. I truly thank Tim Booth for the best help we can get for all energy needs.


No one else can give the best rates and services like Shipley (Energy Objective). Crowne Plaza Harrisburg, Lancaster Host Resort and The Coliseum wish you the best.

Sep 13, 2022
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