“We decided to go with Shipley Energy 10 years ago because of the need to hand this task off to a reputable company that specialized in the field. Our staff is very busy with projects in house and we needed someone (local) whom we could rely on to manage both electric and Natural gas for the long- term future.

What stands out the most with our relationship / partnership with Shipley is the open communication between the companies. Shipley is constantly monitoring our usages to protect us from unanticipated surprises in the extreme heat or cold temperatures of our seasons. Shipley has well documented usages for our facility and shares that information as we move throughout the seasons and contract process. Shipley strives to uncomplicate the process and is open for conversations as required.

I would suspect that If you are looking for a new supplier or are unhappy with your current supplier you owe it to yourself to visit with their sales staff.”

Dec 22, 2020
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