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Furnace Services: Tips to Take Care of Your Furnace in the Winter

The HVAC system in your home may contain a furnace for heating air and distributing warmth throughout living spaces. To ensure you are ready for cold winter nights, you should regularly inspect this household appliance for proper function. The lifespan of your electric, oil, or natural gas furnace depends on environmental conditions, so Shipley Energy is here with some key maintenance suggestions you can perform for long-lasting results.

A furnace is one of the most vital components of your entire heating setup. For the safety of you and your family, always keep this unit clean, and be sure to schedule routine checkups for diagnostics and repairs. After a technician visits your home, complete the following tasks for a worthwhile investment.

Check Heating Furnace Filters

Heating furnaces are similar to automobiles in that they rely on a clean source of air for maximum efficiency. These configurations are equipped with air filters for capturing particles of dust, dirt, and debris, so homeowners can change these pieces out for effective airflow. Contaminated air filters prevent your furnace from operating at top performance levels, so consider buying replacements in bulk and swapping them out every few weeks.

Remember to Clean Household Vents

Air circulation is necessary for heating multiple floor levels and rooms. After air is heated inside your furnace, ductwork guides airflow through vents for temperature regulation and comfort. Always make sure your household vents are open, free from dust, and can distribute air without blockages.

You can think of vents in your home like the human respiratory system. It can be difficult for your furnace to “breathe” when vents are clogged, so keep furniture, containers, boxes, and storage away from openings. Routinely wipe baseboards clean, and don’t hesitate to vacuum around these areas to remove pet hair and the buildup of bacteria.

Monitor Furnace Blower Motor

Each heating furnace contains a blower motor for powering internal fans. If your unit’s blower motor is working correctly, the system should remain quiet while pulling air inside the furnace. Between technician visits, locate pulleys and belts past the air filter and clean this area of any dirt or grime using a damp cloth.

Furnace air filters are designed to catch dust particles, but anything that gets past this device will stick to blower motor components.

Check Thermostat Temperature Readings

One of the best maintenance tips for a healthy heating furnace is to run your HVAC system conservatively prior to an annual inspection appointment. A technician will inform you of the condition of your furnace to prepare for winter, but it is proactive to monitor your thermostat reading to make sure data corresponds with your heat settings. If you know you set the heat to a specific temperature and the thermostat reads differently, refrain from overworking the system and call your local professional immediately to avoid furnace downtime.

Schedule Shipley Energy Furnace Services

Shipley Energy serves a number of counties in Pennsylvania and Maryland with furnace maintenance services. Our NATE-certified technicians perform both inspections and tune-ups for residential spaces focusing on piping and fuel lines, system pressure, cleanings, and adjustments. We invite you to review everything included with one of our visits, and you can speak to one of our representatives about signing up for the Heating System Protection Plan.

For further information about Shipley Energy furnace services, give us a call at 855-294-9024 or fill out a contact form at your earliest convenience.

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