Propane Appliances: Improve Our Planet Today

After a weekend of grilling and drinking, looking at an empty propane tank can make you feel some serious animosity. Propane energy is becoming a key source of energy in America, replacing gasoline and fuel oil for a cleaner alternative. If you are interested in leaving a healthy environmental footprint on this earth, then switching to a propane appliance could be a viable option for you.

1. Refrigerators and Freezers

No matter how crippling the cost of a new refrigerator and freezer can be, they are a home necessity. However, converting these outdated appliances to an efficient propane model can be relatively easy and also cut back on your expenses. Although these are more commonly run on electricity, switching to a propane option can be beneficial to a house deemed “off-the grid” or separate from power lines. Be advised that these models do not tend to last as long as electric refrigerators. If you have kids coming home from school and running right to the snacks, disappointment from a malfunctioning propane fridge is probably not the way to stay on their good side.

2. Stoves

If you have ever cooked with an electric stove, you know the struggle of temperature management. Propane-powered stoves deliver heat at a much faster pace; thus, cooking your dinner quicker and more efficiently. Take a leaf out of your ancestors’ book and cook over an open gas flame. Nothing about electric stoves is reminiscent of the “good ole’ days”, unless you start to grow a beard similar to your great-great-grandfather while waiting for the burner to heat up.

3. Hot Water Heaters

Taking a leisurely hot shower after a long day of work can quickly go downhill if you run out of hot water. A propane water heater not only saves you money on your electric bill, but it also can operate without the use of a chimney and provide a limitless supply of hot showers. Girls… need I say more? Limitless hot showers? Sold.

4. Grills

Surely on the beautiful Memorial Day weekend more than a few hundred grills were being used. Propane grills are very common in the summer and additionally cut back on the clean-up and maintenance that gas grills require. The environment will thank you for this switch, because propane grills produce fewer emissions and much lower carbon monoxide levels. Then, when the propane runs out, you can simply replace the tank to continue grilling.

5. Fireplaces

Feeling fancy? Propane fireplaces are the newest “appliance” to add to the list after seeing an increase in demand. The indoor models put off more heat than wood burners, and completely take away the need for care and upkeep. Outdoor fire pits can easily be constructed, are safe to use on a deck, and are s’mores compatible!

Whether you choose to go green and switch to propane, or if you are comfortable with your electric usage, it’s wise to know the pros and cons of each model. Here at Shipley Energy, we offer flexible pricing on propane services in case you want to take the environmental step. But even if you’re satisfied with the electricity of yesteryear, be aware of the gradual descent into becoming a #PropanePowered society!

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