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Converting to Propane: A Greener Fuel

Making the switch from heating your home with oil to propane can make a large impact on your personal carbon footprint. Propane is a cleaner-burning fuel than heating oil and today propane furnaces are more efficient compared to their heating oil counterparts. Read on to learn more about the environmental benefits of switching to propane!

The Challenge of Heating Your Home Responsibly

So, you’re currently heating your home with oil, but you no longer feel right about using a petroleum-based product. You want to create a positive change and may have even considered switching to electric heat for your home. But before you do that, did you know that heating with propane produces 43% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than heating with electricity? Making the switch from oil heat to propane can increase your furnace’s efficiency and decrease your carbon footprint.

Propane Efficiency Facts

Solution – Convert to Propane

Propane is a great fuel source to heat your home with. Today’s propane furnaces are 90-98% efficient – meaning they consume most of the fuel in the combustion process and produce fewer emissions. In fact, if your home uses a boiler to provide heat, installing a high-efficiency propane boiler system can produce 4000 fewer pounds of CO2 as compared with a heating oil system.

With most of propane being produced domestically, its readily available nature reduces the need for transportation of the product, which can lead to an overall reduction in emissions throughout the supply chain. This helps to protect the planet we love for future generations.

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By the Numbers

Propane Efficiency Metrics

Benefits of Working with Shipley Energy

With so many great benefits of propane for the environment, why wait? Contact Shipley Energy to get a quote on your converting your home to propane today and you’ll receive:

No-Cost, No-Commitment Consultation and Quote

  • A technical consultant will come to your home to determine what high-efficiency propane furnace system would be right for your home at no cost or commitment to you.

Zero Interest Financing for 60 Months

  • With systems starting at the low rate of $299/month with interest-FREE financing, it’s affordable to make the switch to propane and better for the environment.

Free Propane Tank Set with Conversion

  • Our team of professionals surveys your property to find the best and least impactful location for a propane tank and performs the installation free of charge.

Price Protected Propane for 3 Years

  • As part of converting your home to propane, Shipley Energy will guarantee you a low, fixed price per gallon of propane for the next 3 years.

Next Steps

  1. Get a Consultation – We’ll review your home’s heating system and provide the most energy-efficient propane solution for you
  2. Convert Your Home – We’ll convert your home to propane quickly and professionally, so you lower your carbon footprint.
  3. Stay Comfortable – We’ll manage your deliveries and maintain the safety and integrity of your tank and system to make our earth a better place for everyone

Get A Consultation

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