HVAC Check-Up: What To Do

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That time of the year is upon us when the weather should be heating up—but not your home. This means it is time to get your home inspected and ensure that your HVAC unit is functioning properly! When scheduling an appointment to prepare for the heatwave, deciding whether to go with a home AC tune-up or a home energy audit can be an important decision that you don’t want to get wrong.

Home Tune-Ups

home AC tune-up is conducted annually by a trained HVAC employee to ensure that everything is working properly. He or she will produce a report on their findings, and determine if something needs to be fixed. You can potentially extend the life of your unit, perform “quick fixes” that can be immediately identified, and catch any warning signs that could pose a problem in the future by taking these steps. Common checks completed during this process include thermostat calibration checks, furnace burner, piping and fuel line, electrical connections, safety controls, and air filter inspections. Don’t take the chance when dealing with your AC unit—a malfunctioning air filter could make those hot summer days feel like anything but Christmas in July.

These thorough inspections are especially important when buying a new house. It is suggested to tag along with the inspector the first time you are thinking about buying so that you can properly understand how your systems work and follow up with any recommendations made.

Home Energy Audits

On the other hand, a home energy audit is conducted to determine where the house is losing energy and money. During this process, an energy advisor will come to your home and recommend ways to make your dwelling place more energy efficient. Getting a home energy audit could potentially put 5-30% of your energy bill back into your pocket!

Popular inspections during this check-up include the examination of insulation, inspection of the furnace and ductwork, performing a blower door test, and using an infrared camera. These steps can ensure that you are properly cooling your home amidst the sweltering summer months.

At Shipley Energy we refer to this service as a Green Screen, and believe it to be such an important home decision that we offer it free to our new or current customers. Both of these services should be taken advantage of to guarantee that you are living at the optimal energy efficiency level. Don’t let the old argument about the AC temperature heat up… schedule an energy audit to cool things down!

Learn about Green Screens!

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