Natural Gas – A Brief History Lesson

natural gas

Natural gas is far from a recent product that humans used for warmth, cooking, and light. It’s an energy source that has been around for centuries.

  • The first natural gas pipes were created from bamboo by the Chinese in 500 BC. They used natural gas to boil saltwater in order to make salt brine.
  • Natural gas was first used in homes in the 1st century AD in Persia. Gas was seeping through the earth’s crust and was struck by lightning. The lightning produced a flame that never extinguished. The King of Persia ended up building his royal kitchen next to it to utilize the flame.
  •  In the 8th century, the Greeks built a temple of Apollo over a flaming natural gas vent. The temple was called “Oracle of Delphi.”
  •  The first gas utility was founded in 1816 by renowned painter Rembrant Peale. He originally used natural gas that was funneled through a pipe to light his museum and gallery. Later on Natural Gas was then used to light the streetlamps of Baltimore, Maryland.
  • In 1821, William Hart became the father of natural gas by digging the first successful natural gas well. It was only 27 feet deep.

Although the way in which natural gas is acquired has changed, our overall use of it has remained the same for many generations and will likely continue that way for many years to come.

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