Budget Payment Plan

We figure out how much energy you use in a typical year, and then determine your approximate cost for your energy product over the course of the year. We then divide that amount into equal monthly payments. We regularly review your account to confirm that your Budget Payment Plan is accurate and that there are no surprises.

Natural Gas and Electricity customers can buy their supply from Shipley Energy and still participate in your utility’s budget-payment plan and electronic funds transfer program. *

*Contact us for more details – not every utility company is covered.

Green Billing

Receive your invoices conveniently by email. It’s easy, faster, and environmentally friendly.

Electronic Funds Transfer

You can be sure your record keeping is up to date by receiving a statement each month with the amount you owe and the date the transfer will occur.

Automatic Credit Card Payment

Use your credit card to pay your energy bills. Simply give us the number of your credit card and then enjoy the simplicity of Automatic Credit Card Payments!

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