Reduce the effects of bad water on your home

Clean water is important for the health of your family, and the health of your home. There are a few problems to watch out for when it comes to water, and Shipley Energy offers water treatment solutions to resolve any issues your home may be experiencing.

If you have concerns about your water quality or taste, give us a call to schedule your free water test for water for hardness, iron, pH imbalances, and total dissolved solids. Our team of professionals is ready to offer solutions to treat the water in your home to ensure your home is safe and healthy for years to come.

Common signs of water quality issues in your home

Hard Water

There’s build-up around your water fixtures.

Not only is it unsightly, but this mineral build-up restricts water flow and as a result, you could see your water bill increase.

You see soap scum in your bathroom, shower curtain, or shower doors.

The minerals in hard water mix with soap in your shower which leaves a filmy white soap scum behind. If your home has hard water, cleaning up soap scum is only a temporary fix.

There are white spots on your glasses, dishes, and flatware.

The white spots you see are like soap scum. Hard water can also cause your glasses to shatter earlier.

Your skin is dry and itchy.

Hard water makes getting things clean a challenge. Because of this, there is often detergent and mineral residue left on clothes and on your skin.

Clean clothing is dry and scratchy.

If you notice that your clothing is aging quickly and feels hard and scratchy after drying, you may have a hard water problem in your home.

Your hair is dry.

Soap is less effective in hard water due to the minerals in the water. Because of this, it is difficult to rinse out all the soap which can result in a soapy film in your hair. If you color your hair, you’ll see that the color will fade much faster.

High Iron

There’s a metallic taste to your water.

If there’s high iron in your water, it will taste metallic when you drink it. In dangerous levels of iron, it is unsafe to cook with and will turn some vegetables black.

You find orange/red stains.

Iron in your water will leave a residue. You’ll find orange/red stains on plates, flatware, and clothing. Rust-colored rings will also be around your tub, toilet, and toilet tank. This is the easiest sign of high iron in your water.

Your water bill increases.

Like hard water, high iron in your water leaves an iron residue in your pipes which causes reduced water pressure.

You’ve developed skin problems.

Water and iron do not mix well. Because of this, soap will not wash out of your clothing and from your skin and leaves a soapy film behind. The film can clog pores and lead to skin issues like acne or even eczema.

There are long-term effects.

Iron can carry bacteria that is harmful when digested. Because of this, it is considered a secondary contaminate by the EPA. Long-term health issues include stomach problems, nausea, vomiting, and more.

pH Imbalance

There’s a metallic taste to your water.

Like high iron content in your water, a pH imbalance or acidic water can corrode your pipes and cause higher levels of copper and lead in your water.

You find blue-green stains.

If there is a pH imbalance in your water, you will see blue-green stains in your sinks and toilets. You will also see these stains around the fittings of copper pipes.

You have leaky pipes.

A pH imbalance, if left untreated, will eventually cause leaks due to excessive corrosion.

You’ve developed eye and skin irritation.

Drinking water with an elevated pH or a low pH value can cause skin, eye and mucous membrane irritation. The World Health Organization warns that extreme pH levels can worsen existing skin conditions.

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