For hardworking households in Pennsylvania’s largest city, knowing where to find the best Philadelphia gas prices can make a big difference when it comes to budgeting for energy costs. The good news is that at Shipley Energy — with our long history of serving PA’s residential energy needs that stretches back over decades — is putting all of our experience to work for our customers.

The results are clear. With transparent rates, a choice of pricing plans, and outstanding customer service, Shipley Energy is helping Philly families stay warm and on-budget.

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How Deregulation Affects Natural Gas Prices in Philadelphia

You may have heard about energy deregulation, but what does it actually mean for the average Philadelphian household? At its core, deregulation means you’re allowed to take advantage of more savings by choosing where your utility company purchases the fuel you use to heat and run your home.

Before deregulation, utility companies in Pennsylvania were limited to buying natural gas at whatever the current market prices were at that given time. However, since deregulation, you can now choose which gas supplier your utility company buys your gas from. It gives you more buying power and opens the door to potential savings and pricing plans if you choose a competitive natural gas supplier like Shipley Energy.

Plus, you still get to keep your regular utility company in its role of delivering and administering your home’s fuel and energy.

In addition, to help homeowners navigate and take advantage of the many benefits deregulation offers, we’ve put together an informative infographic: “Energy Deregulation 101.” We hope you find it helpful.

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Make the Switch — You Have Options

Whether you’re already a natural gas customer or are thinking of making the switch to natural gas, we can help. With more than 85 years of helping Pennsylvanians heat their homes, we can assist you in the simple switch to natural gas. Best of all, when you make the switch to natural gas from Shipley Energy, there are no sign-up fees or interruptions to your current service.

We provide natural gas to your home. Your current utility company delivers your gas, reads your meter, and sends your bill. It’s that simple!

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Of course, with Shipley Energy, you also have the option of choosing a pricing plan that matches your lifestyle:

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Shipley Energy: The Home Energy Experts

Shipley Energy: The Home Energy Experts

For a cleaner and more economical way to heat your home, you can trust Shipley Energy to deliver quality and value. Regardless of the service or pricing plan you choose, we deliver consistently superior service and a quality product to all of our customers.

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