Natural gas is a cost-effective heating fuel that many families use in their homes. If you’re thinking about switching energy suppliers, consider purchasing the natural gas for your Hanover, Pennsylvania, home from Shipley Energy.

Trust Shipley Energy to help you with a smooth transition between suppliers. We are a local energy company with more than 90 years of experience serving Hanover and the surrounding areas. You’ll benefit from our competitive rates, flexible plans, and attentive service.

Shipley Energy

How Energy Choice Works in Hanover

Hanover customers have the freedom to shop around for the best natural gas rates thanks to energy choice — also known as energy deregulation. Before Pennsylvania deregulated its energy market, utility providers set natural gas prices. With deregulation, independent suppliers like Shipley Energy could enter the market. These third-party suppliers negotiate with production companies to secure lower natural gas rates, which they pass along to their customers.

What to Expect When Switching to Shipley Energy

Transferring to Shipley Energy as your Hanover natural gas supplier is easy. We work with your utility company to ensure there’s no service interruption, and we do not charge any sign-up fees. We also offer some of the most competitive natural gas rates on the market. You’ll save money on your monthly energy bills while receiving service from your utility company as usual.

Natural Gas Prices in Hanover, Pennsylvania

At Shipley Energy, we’re dedicated to giving our customers transparent pricing. You don’t have to take our word for it when we claim we offer the best rates. See for yourself when you use our online price checker. You can enter your ZIP code to view all the available Hanover natural gas rates. Use our price as a benchmark for comparing rates from other suppliers to see how much you can save on your natural gas bill.

Flexible Pricing Plans for Hanover Natural Gas Customers

Besides great rates, we also offer flexible pricing structures. As a locally owned and operated business, we understand the importance of choice when it comes to controlling your energy costs. That’s why we give you two types of pricing plan options:

  • Fixed pricing plan: You can avoid market and seasonal rate fluctuations when you choose a fixed pricing plan. With this type of service, you pay a fixed rate that remains the same for the duration of your plan.
  • Variable pricing plan: You can switch suppliers at any time when you choose a variable pricing plan. With this type of plan, you pay the market price, which can change from month to month.
Shipley Energy Is Your Source for Affordable Hanover Natural Gas Rates

Shipley Energy Is Your Source for Affordable Hanover Natural Gas Rates

Start saving money on your energy bills and switch to natural gas today. The experts at Shipley Energy can help make the transition as smooth as possible. Submit an online contact form today to get started. If you prefer to call us directly, contact our Customer Care team at 1-800-839-1849. We are available to take your call Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.