For affordable natural gas prices in Erie, PA, choose Shipley Energy as your supplier. We have more than 90 years of experience helping customers in parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio find the best energy plan for their needs.

We understand that securing the best fuel prices is crucial for your budget. As one of the top natural gas suppliers in Erie, we go above and beyond to bring you rates and plans that fit your lifestyle.

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Benefits of Natural Gas

Using natural gas benefits you and the environment. As a cleaner energy source, natural gas produces lower emissions than oil and coal, leading to better air quality. It is also widely available in the United States and Canada, which means it is quick to transport at low rates. Since natural gas is able to be produced in North America, it is not typically subject to international events that affect other markets.

Natural Gas Rates in Erie

If your home uses natural gas, you have many different suppliers to choose from. To help you make the most informed decision possible, we have an online price checker that estimates your gas bill and compares natural gas prices. Just enter your zip code get started.

Choosing a Natural Gas Supplier

As an Erie resident, you get to choose your energy supplier. This “energy choice” is the result of industry deregulation that created more competition and better rates for customers.

Instead of your utility company buying natural gas from generation companies, you can now choose a supplier such as Shipley Energy to do it instead. Suppliers negotiate low prices with production companies to offer you the best deals possible.

While your supplier secures your rate, your utility company still handles delivery and distribution. They will continue to perform your meter readings and send you bills as well. The only change is cost savings on your energy bill!

Why Choose Shipley Energy?

When you choose Shipley Energy as your natural gas supplier, you will continue to receive your natural gas with no interruption or signing fee. We offer economical rates, and you can choose from two different types of plans to find an option that works best for you.

  • Fixed price plans: Pick one rate for the duration of your plan. We guarantee the rate you lock in will not change during this period.
  • Variable price plans: If you prefer a rate that changes with the market, our variable price plans fluctuate month to month based on market pricing.

Contact Us to Learn More

You can call us at (855) 553-1128 or reach out to us online to get in touch with one of our natural gas experts and find out more about our plans and what we offer. We are dedicated to exceptional customer service and will provide you with essential information, walk you through your options, and assist you in any way we can.

Shipley Energy: The Natural Gas Experts

Shipley Energy: The Natural Gas Experts

For a more economical and environmentally friendly way to heat your home, you can rely on Shipley Energy to deliver quality natural gas at a competitive rate. Regardless of which pricing plan you choose, you’ll enjoy superior service and a high-quality product.

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