Shipley Energy has been in the natural gas business for 20+ years, providing customers across Pennsylvania with excellent service and economical prices. We serve customers in a range of regions, including York, PA, where our corporate headquarters are based. We aim to give our customers transparent prices, fixed plans, and years of expertise to guarantee the best experience when buying your home’s natural gas.

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York Natural Gas Energy Choices

Gas prices in York, PA fluctuate due to demand, administration, and infrastructure costs. Your utility provider offers the market price for natural gas, whether it is Columbia Gas in York, PA, UGI, or any other supplier in Pennsylvania. The market price accrues added fees which may raise your natural gas bill. Now with deregulation, you have the option to choose where your utility company gets the natural gas you use to heat your home. You can compare Shipley Energy’s York natural gas prices to other suppliers’, giving you more control over your energy bill to fit your budget needs.

When you choose an alternative supplier, like Shipley Energy, your current utility company still delivers and provides services related to your home energy supply. Making the switch means Shipley Energy will provide natural gas to your home at a potentially better rate. You will continue to receive natural gas without any interruptions when you choose to switch your residential natural gas provider.

If you currently heat your home with propane or heating oil, you also have the option to make a better choice for the environment. Choosing natural gas to heat your home offers several benefits – from potential cost savings to environmental advantages. Natural gas is a cleaner resource which is better for the environment. This energy choice produces fewer carbon emissions, making it a better energy source in comparison to other fossil fuels.

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We Offer Pricing Plans

At Shipley Energy, we offer various pricing plans to make sure you don’t break your budget paying for natural gas. From fixed plans that ensure your cost per usage will remain the same to a variable price plan, we offer options to give you top-rated service and value. If your utility provider offers you a monthly payment plan so you can work with a budget plan, we can still become your supplier! This way, you can work your gas bill into your budget naturally.

Why Choose Shipley Energy?

We understand the importance of heating your home during the rough winters in York, PA, which is why we provide excellent service and value. We provide a reliable gas supply when you need it the most. We are partners with some of the leading utility companies in the region, including Columbia Gas, UGI, PECO, BGE, and others. Our goal is to make choosing a natural gas supplier easy and affordable.

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Get Started

Our energy experts are available to answer any of your natural gas questions so you can make a decision that fits your household needs. Reach out to us online or call a member of our team Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at (855) 212-6676.

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