Columbia Gas of Ohio customers looking for affordable natural gas rates can enjoy cost-effective prices and convenient plans from Shipley Energy. As a leading natural gas supplier in Ohio, Shipley Energy provides natural gas at fair rates while you continue to receive reliable delivery from Columbia Gas of Ohio.

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About Columbia Gas of Ohio

Serving more than 1.4 million customers, Columbia Gas of Ohio is a top utility company in the region. As a NiSource company with a long history of quality service, Columbia Gas of Ohio is known for their natural gas delivery.

If you’re a Columbia Gas of Ohio customer, you have the freedom to choose a natural gas supplier like Shipley Energy and benefit from an energy plan that works for you. Doing so will not affect your relationship with your utility company.

Energy Deregulation in Ohio

In Ohio’s deregulated energy market, customers can choose from different natural gas suppliers. Before deregulation, customers were forced to buy their natural gas from the utility companies. The state government approved the rates the utility company could sell at, and prices historically trended higher than where they are today.

After deregulation, independent suppliers like Shipley Energy were allowed to enter the market. These suppliers purchase natural gas and sell it to customers behind utility companies like Columbia Gas of Ohio. The utility companies continue to deliver the natural gas to customers. With more suppliers comes more competition, leading to lower natural gas prices and better service.

What to Expect When Switching Suppliers

Thanks to deregulation, Columbia Gas of Ohio customers can choose a supplier like Shipley Energy and take advantage of lower rates. Columbia Gas of Ohio will continue to deliver your natural gas, and your service will not be interrupted when you make the switch. For your convenience, you’ll also continue to pay Columbia Gas of Ohio directly. Columbia Gas of Ohio will pass along your payment to Shipley Energy. Columbia Gas of Ohio does not lose any business when you switch, and your relationship with them does not change.

Compare Columbia Gas of Ohio Rates

At Shipley Energy, we believe in transparency, which is why we created an online price checking feature to help you find the best deals. By entering your zip code, you’ll see all available prices and plans in your area. As you search, compare Columbia Gas of Ohio prices to find lower rates.

Shipley Energy Natural Gas Plans

Shipley Energy offers competitive natural gas prices and flexible plan options. You can choose from two types of plans:

  • Fixed-rate: Lock in a cost per unit that will remain the same for the duration of your contract.
  • Variable-rate: Follow the market and switch to a new supplier at any time with a variable-rate plan. These plans are free from contracts and long-term commitments.
Shipley Energy Is a Leading Natural Gas Supplier

Shipley Energy Is a Leading Natural Gas Supplier

Shipley Energy is a family-owned company that has supplied energy to customers in the mid-Atlantic for more than 90 years. With our industry expertise, exceptional service, and stellar reputation, customers throughout Ohio trust us as their reliable supplier. If you're interested in making the switch, give us a call at 1-800-839-1849 or connect with us online.

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