Electricity Rates in Cincinnati, OH

Founded in 1929, Shipley Energy is proud to supply Cincinnati, OH with reliable energy at affordable rates. As an energy supplier, we work with regional power companies to keep costs down for our residential customers. By purchasing electricity at discounted rates, we can pass those savings on to our customers.

We provide an economical alternative to traditional utility services — and we save you from the surprise of sudden price spikes. When you partner with Shipley Energy, you have an energy supplier on your side that treats you like family. Get the best Cincinnati electric rates by making the switch to a supplier that offers the options you deserve.

Switch to an Energy Supplier for Better Cincinnati Electric Prices

How can Shipley Energy save you more money on electricity than working directly with a utility company? Since we operate within a deregulated market, we can purchase electricity from multiple utility companies at a low price. We're able to offer energy options with these savings already factored in — giving you access to a wide range of economical energy plans.

In addition, with an energy supply company like Shipley Energy, your rates will never go up for the duration of your service agreement. While utility companies sometimes increase their prices without notice, we ensure that you pay your agreed-upon rate no matter what.

Things to Consider When Browsing Cincinnati Electricity Suppliers

Choosing the right electric company doesn't need to be a hassle. Consider the following factors when deciding on an electric provider for your home:

  • Reputation: Choose a provider that has a proven track record of dependable service and attentive customer support.
  • Base rate: The base kWh rate is usually the biggest concern among residential customers, so make sure you're comfortable with your options' rates.
  • Total cost: When weighing electricity costs, it's important to consider more than the base rate. Understand your options' potential service fees, penalties, and anything else you may need to pay.
  • Benefits: Some suppliers offer extra benefits when you sign up for their services, which may save you money in the long run.
  • Rate change potential: If you're afraid of rates changing without notice, it may be best to choose a fixed rate plan.

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How Shipley Energy Can Offer You Low Electricity Rates

When you source your electricity through Shipley Energy, you can enjoy benefits that utility companies cannot provide. We offer:

  • Fixed rate options for 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months
  • A high level of communication and engagement, including two renewal email notices before your plan is up
  • Easy price comparison and enrollment guidance
  • 24-hour customer care services
  • Access to a wide range of energy provider options
  • Our Shipley Energy Rewards Program

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