We offer a wide range of high-quality fuel storage tanks to fit your needs

fuel oil tank

If you heat your home with propane or oil, you need a safe, convenient place to store your fuel. Fuel storage tanks from Shipley Energy have been designed to ensure that your fuel is safely contained, and have proven themselves over decades of use.

We feature a wide selection of solidly constructed double-wall fuel oil tanks that provide environmental safety and quality for you and your family, along with a 10-year limited warranty for your protection and peace of mind.

Heating Oil Tanks

Shipley Energy also offers a large assortment of indoor and outdoor residential oil tanks. Indoor tanks that are installed in a basement or utility room are generally preferable to outdoor tanks, particularly in colder climates where the risk of fuel line freezing is high.

Our new home fuel oil tank models have a smaller footprint than older models and are more compact. This gives you greater flexibility when determining the best spot on your property for an oil tank installation.

We Provide Complete Propane and Heating Oil Tank Installation Services

With more than 85 years of reliable home heating service, you can count on the experts at Shipley Energy to help you select the right tank for your heating and budgetary requirements. We can perform a fast, efficient tank installation for you. Whether the tank is indoors or outdoors, above or below ground, we’ll help you find what works best for your property.

Our well-trained, experienced technicians will do the job right the first time!

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