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Delivering Fuel to Aid in Hurricane Ian Recovery

On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian, a high-end Category 4 storm, struck the coast of Florida after causing mass destruction throughout the Caribbean. That day, six Shipley Energy delivery drivers volunteered to venture south to deliver fuel to emergency responders working to aid in hurricane relief.

Team members gathered at Shipley Energy headquarters in York, Pennsylvania, to say goodbye to their colleagues, sending them off with warm wishes for safe travels.

WGAL’s Coverage of the Departure

We were honored to be joined by WGAL for the departure of our delivery drivers. To  WGAL, Shipley Energy’s CEO Dave Gruno commented, “We know that if we were ever in need, we would want individuals coming here to help us out. Our drivers all volunteered for this. So, we’re always prepared to help support, but I think it says an awful lot about our organization that our team is willing to pack up and go, leave their wife and kids, and help others in need.”

View WGAL’s full story: “Help on way from Pennsylvania for Floridians impacted by Hurricane Ian”

Nearly a week later, Ed Weinstock of WGAL caught up with Dan Myers, a Shipley Energy Heating Oil Driver who had been delivering oil in the path of Hurricane Ian. Regarding the destruction, Dan commented, “Everybody’s home, every place you drive past. It’s not just the one spot you see on the TV. Everybody’s home has junk in their yard, things that need to be cleaned up. Everybody is affected by this down here.”

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CBS21’s Coverage of the Departure

Shipley Energy’s President of Operations, Dan Santillo, spoke with CBS21, commenting, “Part of our mission is we serve others, and I think it’s this group of drivers that we have that, they volunteered, and this is a great example of how our team members really fulfill our mission of serving others.”

View CBS21’s full story: “Shipley Energy sends heating oil and propane trucks to Florida”

Showing Our Appreciation

One of Shipley Energy’s core values is that “We Serve and Meet the Needs of Others.” We extend our deepest gratitude to our fantastic delivery drivers and operations teams for volunteering to serve and meet the needs of those who have been affected by this natural disaster –
  • Dan Myers

  • Dave Melvin

  • Don McDannel

  • Ray Kramer

  • Neil Strause

  • Greg Wooten

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