The fuel oil prices Harrisburg residents are looking for come from Shipley Energy. We have more than eight decades behind us of faithfully serving the energy needs of our customers, which is why we know a thing or two when it comes to delivering stable prices and quality fuel oil to the capital area of Pennsylvania.

Online Heating Oil Ordering

Ordering a one-time delivery is now quicker and simpler than ever before.

To place a one-time heating oil delivery, just click on the button below, and you can instantly place your order online. If you prefer to speak with one of our customer care agents, simply call 1-866-789-5560.

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Say Goodbye to Worrying About Tank Levels With Automatic Delivery

Both new and existing customers can schedule automatic delivery of heating oil that eliminates the constant monitoring of tank levels and the worry associated with trying to schedule deliveries before running out.

To learn more or to schedule automatic delivery, call a customer care agent at 1-866-789-5560.

Heating Oil Pricing Options:

  • Market price: Take advantage of heating oil price reductions by having it delivered at current market prices.
  • Fixed price: Eliminate seasonal price hikes by locking in a stable fixed rate for an entire heating season.
  • Cap price: For incredible value, a capped rate offers one maximum price while still allowing you to pay less if heating oil prices drop below your capped rate.
  • LIHEAP grants: To help families meet their energy needs, qualifying households can take advantage of Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Grants that come in the form of both cash and crisis grants. Remember that you must qualify, and don’t forget to select Shipley Energy as your heating fuel provider.

Never Run Out Again

With our automatic delivery service, you only pay for the oil you require. Best of all, you’ll never have to pay for an emergency oil delivery again. Our software tracks your oil usage and takes the worry out of scheduling deliveries by doing it for you.

Trust Shipley Energy to Deliver Value and Quality

Trust Shipley Energy to Deliver Value and Quality

Since 1929, Shipley Energy has been providing economical heating oil to Pennsylvania households. Throughout that time, we’ve forged long-lasting relationships with our customers because we always deliver a quality product at a fair price. Whether you’re scheduling a one-time delivery at market prices or are locking in a fixed price for automatic delivery, we supply you with high-quality fuel oil and outstanding customer service. That’s our commitment.