Is your business prepared for power outages?

Keep your lights on and your business running during power outages.  Never again worry about losing your inventory or perishables because you don’t have electricity.

We’ll help you find the generator that’s right for your business.

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Invest in Reliable Power

When you buy a backup or emergency commercial generator from Shipley Energy, you’re buying peace of mind. We carry a carefully chosen selection of products from some of today’s most trusted manufacturers. More importantly, we back up everything we sell with long-term service and support. We can put together a complete turnkey package containing a commercial generator and any required accessories or hardware, oversee the installation, and help you develop a preventative maintenance plan that keeps your purchase working its best for years to come.

Don’t take a risk when it comes to backup power. From day one, Shipley Energy will be there to ensure you’re fully prepared to thrive, no matter what comes your way.

Applications and Benefits

Commercial generators come in various sizes and configurations to support a range of applications. Shipley Energy can help you assess your needs and choose the best product for your business, whether your goal is:

  • Having backup power available in the event of any emergency
  • Augmenting the working capacity of your existing generator or power source
  • Continuing to run at full strength while your regular equipment is down for repairs
  • Working remotely in an area where grid power is unavailable
  • Ensuring mission-critical servers and other equipment deliver maximum uptime
  • Powering lights, heating systems, or other equipment at an outdoor event

When properly installed, the right generator can help you stay productive and profitable in any situation. Whether it’s intended for everyday or emergency use, choosing a unit that will deliver performance when you need it is key.

That’s where Shipley Energy comes in. We’ve been a partner to customers in Pennsylvania and beyond for more than 90 years. Our team of in-house experts specializes in solving the power problems of businesses of any size. Keep reading to learn more about your commercial generator options.

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Choosing a Generator

Too often, businesses think the right generator for their facility is the most expensive one they can afford. While it’s important to properly budget for this vital purchase, buying a too-powerful generator can have negative long-term repercussions. Most generators run best at between 50-75% of their rated power. Efficiency drops sharply at loads less than that, which can lead to your business using excessive amounts of fuel and jeopardizing its continued operation during an emergency.

Accurately estimating the size of generator you need requires expert assistance. We can review your facility’s energy requirements in detail and determine the right setup for you.

Maintenance and Service Support

Most commercial backup generators don’t require much regular maintenance to stay running their best. Any work that needs done, however, should be done by an expert. Shipley Energy can add backup generator inspections to any of our commercial preventative maintenance packages. We’ll ensure your unit is serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications, maintaining your warranty and addressing potential issues before they lead to failure.

Our technicians are available around-the-clock to provide on-site support. No matter when you call us, our team will be dispatched to your location and help you get back up and running as quickly as possible.

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