Shipley Energy has a long history of providing air conditioning repairs and other solutions to businesses throughout the central PA region. Keeping your facilities cool and comfortable in any weather shouldn’t require a lot of worry or expense. At Shipley Energy, we understand the need for reliable appliances that deliver exceptional value for your money, whether you work in an office building, manufacturing plant or other commercial facility. We can leverage more than 90 years of industry expertise to engineer seamless solutions for all your HVAC requirements. 

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NATE-Certified Expertise

Shipley Energy has one of the largest teams of NATE-certified commercial air conditioning technicians in central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. Our staff completes regular training to ensure they stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the HVAC industry. 

For our customers, that means we fix things right the first time and install new systems in the most efficient manner possible. By trusting Shipley Energy with your commercial A/C needs, you’ll benefit from reduced downtime for repairs, less disruption to your daily routine and greater overall energy efficiency, which saves you money on your monthly utility costs. 

When to Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

A new air conditioner for your business is a big investment, one that few organizations enjoy making. Instead of putting it off, dealing with frequent breakdowns and experiencing poor performance, let Shipley Energy help you choose a new unit that will deliver years of efficient cooling. 

Today’s A/C units are some of most advanced models ever made, and we can choose from the best products currently on the market to find the unit that’s best for you. Once your new A/C has been delivered and installed, we’ll provide on-site warranty support and maintenance to help ensure it continues to deliver optimal performance in all situations. 

Benefits of Replacing Your Air Conditioner

In the humid summer months, a working air conditioner is more than just a luxury — it's essential to the comfort and productivity of your employees. If your business' A/C is more than ten years old, it may be worth it to look into upgrading to a newer model.

With commercial air-conditioning installation and a new A/C, your business will enjoy:

  • Lower costs: The biggest benefit to a new commercial air conditioner is the lower operating expenses it will bring. Today's commercial A/Cs are highly efficient, which means they require less energy to deliver the same level of comfort. Shipley Energy can recommend a system that integrates with your existing HVAC equipment to provide superior results. You'll save over the course of the summer and will likely start to see a return on your investment within a few years.
  • Less downtime: A newer commercial air conditioner will require less ongoing service and be less prone to failure. We can help you assess your needs and choose a unit that's appropriate to your property, leading to less risk of sudden failure and the expense and hassle associated with it.
  • Simpler regulatory compliance: Commercial operations in all industries are under increasing scrutiny to meet high environmental standards. A modern, efficient A/C system will leave you better positioned to meet future regulatory requirements and may qualify your building for incentives or certifications that add value to your business.

Save Money With a Preventative Maintenance Plan

Whether you have recently installed a new unit or simply want to extend the life of an older A/C, Shipley Energy can put together a comprehensive maintenance plan that saves you money. We take the hassle out of tune ups by establishing a schedule that’s easy to follow and providing convenient on-site service that works around your busy periods. Coordinating maintenance across multiple locations is simple — contact us for more information.

Central PA’s A/C Experts

With roots dating back to 1929, Shipley Energy has a long history of service in central PA and northern MD. Many of our commercial customers have been with us 10, 15 years or longer, which is a testament to the commitment to customer service that has ensured our longevity. If you need commercial air conditioning repairs or installation in Harrisburg, Conshohocken, State College, York or anywhere in the region, make us your first call. 

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