Hospitality Energy Management


Hotel Energy Management

Hotels and motels spend more than $2,000 in energy costs on every available room annually, according to Energy Star data. This cost represents 6 percent of all annual operating expenses. As such a significant expense, it's clear that hospitality businesses need a trustworthy hotel energy supplier that will partner with them to lower operating costs and keep their operations running smoothly.

That's why Shipley Energy is your top choice for hospitality energy procurement in the Mid-Atlantic region. Since 1929, we've helped both small and large hospitality businesses create comprehensive energy procurement strategies and have delivered top-quality energy solutions to meet their needs.

Types of Hospitality Energy Management

With decades of experience serving the hospitality business, we know that providing energy efficiency tips for hotels does more than save you money on your energy bill. It can also improve your public image, keep your environmentally conscious customers happy, and help the planet. The result is an overall better hospitality experience.

Our service selection promotes energy efficiency and helps your business run more smoothly. Choose from among our array of energy procurement services for businesses across the hospitality industry. Each one is designed to build lasting relationships with our customers:

1. Electricity

Thanks to energy deregulation, commercial customers in PA, MD, and OH can now choose to shop around among many suppliers for their power. This element of competition allows us to provide our electric services at highly competitive prices.

We remain at the forefront of innovation to serve our electric customers better. With services like paperless billing, 100 percent electronic documentation and pricing structures that match the unique needs of individual hospitality businesses, we make it easy for you to choose Shipley Energy as your electric supplier.

2. Propane

Propane energy solutions are an excellent way to save money and boost your image as an environmentally friendly organization. This green energy source is also produced in the U.S., so you can take pride in choosing a type of energy that brings American jobs to the energy industry.

You'll be in good hands when you trust your hotel's propane supply to Shipley Energy — an innovative leader in the industry. We offer customized pricing options, including fixed, market and capped rate structures, and automatic delivery services that make it easy to keep your tank filled and satisfy your guests' energy demands.

3. Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of the most cost-effective heating options for hotels and other hospitality businesses. But even small seasonal spikes in prices can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Fortunately, Shipley Energy has you covered. We offer flexible pricing programs for natural gas delivery and fixed-rate options that protect you from seasonal fluctuations. We can also help you transition your hotel to natural gas from another energy source.

4. Heating Oil/Bioheat

Heating oil has always been one of the main passions of our business. We're dedicated to providing dependable service and competitive prices so that you never have to worry about keeping your guests warm in the cold Mid-Atlantic winters.

As well as traditional heating oil, we also offer a bio heating oil called Bioheat. This innovative fuel type mixes traditional heating oil with biodiesel made from organic materials like recycled restaurant cooking grease and plant oils. Bioheat is one of the most sustainable fuels available and supports your commitment to greener hospitality practices.

5. HVAC Services

Whether you own a small bed and breakfast or operate a large chain of resorts, we can help you find the right HVAC system for your needs and maintain it for years of reliable service. Our technicians provide preventive maintenance and fast emergency support for issues such as power and ignition failures, refrigerant leaks, defective motors and more. We'll quickly get your HVAC system back to working order to keep your guests comfortable.

Why Choose Shipley Energy as Your Hotel Energy Supplier?

Shipley Energy has proudly served hotels, resorts, timeshares and other businesses in the hospitality industry for more than 90 years. We provide our customers with more than just a commodity — we offer a partnership with expert advice and support that helps make your business the best it can be.

When you choose Shipley Energy for your hospitality energy procurement, you'll receive:

  • 24/7/365 service: Depend on us to provide you with electricity and heating services all day, every day. Shipley Energy consultants are readily available to help with any questions you might have about your services, and our 24/7 emergency assistance keeps your hospitality business running smoothly during a crisis.
  • Flexible payment options: We offer a large selection of pricing plans, including customized budget plans, to fit your individual business needs. Using your average energy use in a typical year, we can even determine equal monthly energy payments that help you manage your monthly bill and structure your budget better than any other energy supplier.
  • Reliability: Shipley Energy operates on an entirely electronic system that makes your deliveries more reliable, efficient and convenient. We carefully manage every aspect of your account and provide you with your own account manager and direct communication so you can consistently receive the support you need.
  • Secure billing: Our secure Smart Pay program makes it simple to transfer funds without having to write a check. The paperless transfer is free for your business and eliminates check processing and postage costs.
  • Automatic refills: Using the most advanced delivery technology available, we make sure you never run out of heating fuel for your hospitality business. There's no need to continually check your fuel or remember to call for refills. You can focus on essential tasks and leave your fueling needs to our experts.

Take Control of Your Hotel Energy Management With Shipley Energy

Find cost-effective services and the pinnacle of customer care when you partner with Shipley Energy for each of your hotel energy management needs. Learn more about our array of services or request your delivery by contacting us online today.

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