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With all of the critical lifesaving work that takes place in hospitals and healthcare facilities, it’s no wonder the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) — the federal agency that oversees the regulation of hospitals as part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services — takes a keen interest in setting national standards for hospital emergency power.

As matter of fact, hospitals operate under such strict scrutiny that they’re regulated more closely than any other commercial buildings.

What this means is that hospital administrators are under tremendous pressure to meet all hospital emergency power requirements. Depending on the location of the facility and what types of natural disasters and meteorological events it might face — from earthquakes and floods to hurricanes and electrical storms — certain contingency plans must be in place to provide power to the hospital in the event the local power grid fails.

Hospital Emergency Generator Fuel Supplier

Since even a short loss of power to a hospital’s operating theaters and ICUs can result in life-or-death situations, it’s common practice to install hospital emergency diesel generators with sufficient on-site fuel storage. And to provide further flexibility, many hospitals use an integrated emergency generator system that can run on diesel fuel or natural gas that’s provided by gas lines or on-site propane tanks.

In either case, what’s crucial is that for any emergency generator to work effectively, it must be installed correctly. In addition, it must be regularly serviced and provided with sufficient fuel to run uninterrupted throughout the length of time that regular power is unavailable.

Clearly, there’s no room for error when it comes to a hospital’s emergency power plan. That’s why Shipley Energy is one of the most respected hospital emergency generator fuel suppliers in the Mid-Atlantic region. For more than 85 years, our highly trained team and well-maintained fleet have been providing fuel delivery to the most demanding commercial enterprises without fail.

Every year, our fuel delivery vehicles travel more than 1.75 million miles in order to deliver over 300 million gallons of fuel. And with our fully computerized tracking system — including onboard computers in all of our vehicles — your delivery is constantly monitored for safety and timeliness.

What’s more, as a dual fuel provider, we’re perfectly capable of delivering any fuel type you need, from diesel and biodiesel to propane and heating oil, to save you money and streamline invoicing.

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At Shipley Energy, we don't just provide top-notch fuel delivery — we also sell and service emergency generator systems to hospitals and healthcare facilities that demand the best.

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