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Energy is one of the most formidable ongoing expenses in the business world. At Shipley Energy and EnergyObjective, we believe that meeting a company's commercial energy needs doesn't have to come at the expense of the environment.

That's why we think now is the perfect time to consider the benefits of corporate energy consumption offsets. From taking a part in cleaning up the environment to enjoying good PR and good company — many Fortune 500 companies have set 100% clean energy goals already — Shipley Energy will help you build an energy portfolio that matches your productive and environmental vision.

Few other energy companies can match our history in the energy market, the expertise of our team, our flexibility, or our commitment to procuring green energy cost-effectively. You already know and trust our energy industry expertise, and we bring the same level of professionalism when it comes to helping companies source green energy and find the ideal electricity and natural gas suppliers.

Every Shipley Energy customer has the option of offsetting up to 100% of their electricity or natural gas usage through investment in green energy resources.

Shipley Energy Connects You With Commercial Green Energy

Shipley Energy has long been your energy advocate and a resource for meeting your energy needs cost-effectively. We're pleased to say that green energy procurement is another one of our specialties. We've been a local, family-owned business for long enough to know important opportunities and consequential technologies when we see them. Offsetting one's environmental footprint begins with sourcing green energy for businesses. And sourcing green energy for business starts with Shipley Energy.

For most of our customers, participating in a green energy program involves the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits, or RECs. For electricity, one Renewable Energy Credit represents one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity generated using sustainable sources like wind and solar. In short, an REC is where energy customers purchase a number of RECs that is equal to their total electricity or natural gas consumption.

These credits, or certificates, are used to directly fund investments in wind, solar, and other clean energy projects throughout the country. Since electricity can enter the greater power grid from a variety of sources, these projects can be located anywhere. They do not have to be local to the company purchasing the renewable energy credits.

For companies that want to help bring about the clean energy transition faster, investing in RECs through Shipley Energy is a great way to demonstrate corporate values in a practical, tangible way. This option provides the perfect opportunity for any company that's ready to begin or update its corporate renewable energy journey.



Learn More About Green Energy for Businesses Today

Finding commercial energy sustainability solutions for businesses is one of our favorite ways to engage with the local and regional community. Whether it comes through Renewable Energy Credits, or direct means like purchasing domestic, cleaner-burning natural gas from Shipley Energy, we are your green energy resource and advocate, and a proud member of the community.

If you'd like to learn more about green energy, and Shipley's approach to bringing green energy to businesses, call us today!

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