If your business runs on natural gas, you can save money by making Shipley Energy your dedicated supplier in Pennsylvania. Since 1929, we have been providing fuel delivery and related services for businesses throughout the region. We offer custom-tailored energy procurement solutions that help you meet your goals.

We provide affordable commercial natural gas pricing in Pennsylvania. Contact us directly to check our current rates and offers.

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Several factors affect the price your business pays for natural gas each month. Most prominent are the admin and delivery fees your utility company charges and the market rate for the gas itself. It is only by specifying a supplier — the company your utility provider buys gas from — that you can take advantage of pricing plans that aren’t tied to the market rate.

Specifying a supplier doesn’t mean leaving your utility company. You’ll still receive your bill and all related service from them, and the admin and delivery fees will be unaffected. But you will enjoy more predictable pricing on the gas itself, potentially saving money long-term.


Shipley Energy is a leading Pennsylvania natural gas supplier. When the state deregulated its energy sector, many companies attempted to enter this emerging marketplace. However, few have the background and expertise of Shipley Energy.

We have been providing fuel delivery and related services for commercial customers for more than 90 years. We know the factors that affect your heat and power use, and we are well-positioned to help you make informed choices. We have a longstanding reputation for honesty and integrity, and we stand behind everything we do with excellent customer service.

We offer transparent natural gas pricing for commercial facilities in Pennsylvania. We provide on-site consultations, during which we go over your natural gas, energy needs, and billing history and recommend the best plan for you based on your goals.

We are a natural gas supplier for these four Pennsylvania utilities.

If you receive gas from any of these companies, you can select Shipley Energy as your supplier and sign up for one of our pricing plans. We’re always working to expand our service area, so if you don’t see your utility provider listed, check back soon or call our office to inquire directly about your options.

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Choosing Shipley Energy as your natural gas supplier helps you gain control over a critical part of your utility bills and general overhead costs. Making the switch is instantaneous — there's no disruption to your gas service and no new hardware or hookups to install. If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of working with Shipley Energy, you can get in touch with us directly over the phone or through our contact page.

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