Shipley Energy provides farm fuel tank sales, service, and filling for agribusinesses of any size. Based in Central Pennsylvania, we service an area encompassing large portions of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and beyond. Our customers include poultry, swine, cow and crop farms, as well as bulk fuel co-ops and other organizations.

Count on our team for industry-leading expertise, excellent value, and prompt delivery when you need a refill. Whether your organization runs on diesel, gasoline, heating oil or propane, we'll be there to help, no matter what the future brings.

Farm Fuel Tank Installation and Sales

Agricultural fuel storage tanks have a limited lifespan. If you're in the market for a new unit, Shipley Energy can help. We sell and install double-walled tanks in a variety of sizes, and we stand behind everything with a 10-year warranty. Just as importantly, we'll help you make an informed purchase decision based on our years of expertise. Contact our office to request a quote or learn more.

Fuel Delivery

Shipley Energy built our reputation on fast, convenient fuel service. We can provide bulk delivery of all grades of diesel and biodiesel, propane, heating oil, gasoline and other fuels. We offer several convenient pricing plans that allow you to benefit from our low rates while still having the flexibility to shop around if you require it.

For customers with agricultural fuel tanks on their property, we can set up a remote monitoring service that alerts our team when you're running low, ensuring you always have the fuel you need on hand. This also allows us to track your usage over time, which can provide useful insights that help you budget more effectively.

Working With Shipley Energy

There are many reasons why Shipley Energy is your best bet for agricultural fuel tank service and fuel delivery including dedicated account managers and custom designed energy solutions. You'll also enjoy surprise-free billing, fast delivery, and 24-hour service. We work around the clock to meet your fueling needs and can arrange emergency service when necessary.

We're also unique in our commitment to safety. No matter the job, we'll use industry-standard best practices to minimize risk while running an efficient, cost-effective operation that delivers on its promises every time you need us.

Getting started is easy. Contact our commercial sales team to get started today.