From tractors to trucks, farm equipment runs on diesel fuel. Your ability to arrange prompt delivery and wholesale fueling when you need it is critical to your bottom line. At the same time, diesel fuel is just one of many operating expenses you have to deal with — working with a partner you can trust is the best way to minimize hassles, keep costs down, and stay running at full productivity.

Shipley Energy provides a range of farm diesel services to agricultural producers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and beyond. We can provide both on- and off-road fuel for any agribusiness, including dairy, poultry, beef, and crop farms, bulk fuel suppliers, and mobile agriculture service providers.

We offer affordable pricing, convenient online ordering, and value-added services that keep your equipment running at its best.

Our Services

Shipley Energy can provide on-site equipment fueling for trucks, tractors, generators, and other equipment. Using sophisticated monitoring software, we'll provide you with detailed fuel consumption reports so you know exactly how much fuel you're using and you can monitor the health of your fleet by tracking changes over time.

We also offer bulk fueling for on-site diesel storage tanks. We can set up an automatic monitoring system that will alert our team when your tank requires a top-up, so we can arrange delivery around your schedule. Automatic monitoring is just one of the many commercial plans we offer our customers — contact our office for more information about our full selection of agricultural diesel solutions.

Your Agricultural Diesel Specialist

Shipley Energy has been serving agribusinesses in Central Pennsylvania and beyond since 1929. We grew our business on a commitment to the customers we serve, and we continue to honor that commitment today.

When you make us your partner for agricultural diesel fuel, we'll provide:

  • Convenient online ordering that saves you time and lets you check up-to-the-minute pricing so you can lock into a great deal. We offer several different rate plans for regular and one-off customers.
  • Around-the-clock delivery service. You don't keep regular hours, and neither do we. We'll work around our schedule to make sure you have the fuel you need while minimizing disruption to your operations.
  • Skilled team members who understand the agricultural industry. You shouldn't have to worry about safety when accepting fuel delivery, and with Shipley Energy, you don't have to. Our drivers receive extensive training and are equipped with tools and equipment to help them maintain a safe operating environment at all times.

See for yourself why we're the professional's choice for agricultural diesel solutions. Create an account and place an order today.