Home Energy: Reversing Your Ceiling Fan

Homeowners use ceiling fans throughout warmer seasons for circulating cool air across rooms and living spaces. Most people think of these tools for air conditioning applications, but ceiling fans can also move heat in the middle of winter. When home energy bills are high, reverse your fan in a clockwise motion and guide warm air toward the floor.

Shipley Energy wants you to feel comfortable in your residential space, so we put together this guide for getting the most out of your ceiling fan even when you’re combating freezing temperatures and winds.

Benefits of Reversing Ceiling Fans During Winter

It is no secret that warm air rises. If your home has hardwood floors, you probably notice heat escaping with each footstep. However, you can redirect warm air trapped toward the ceiling in a matter of seconds.

Operating a ceiling fan in reverse is a cost-effective home energy solution to create a continuous flow of heated air inside bedrooms, offices, dining areas, and anywhere installations are mounted. HVAC systems undergo stress when homeowners crank heat settings during winter, but a ceiling fan adjustment distributes warm air effectively by pulling air up through the blades and back down along walls. This allows you to run your heating system sparingly as fans keep heat where you need it most.

How to Change Ceiling Fan Settings

Changing your ceiling fan to move in a clockwise direction is as easy as flipping a switch. Depending on your setup, reverse switches are either on the base of the ceiling fan unit or along wall controls. Running your installation in reverse will not damage your electrical appliance as long as the device is equipped with this function.

Shipley Energy recommends cleaning your ceiling fans before winter use. Wipe blades clean from dust and debris as there is a good chance you haven’t used these devices since the summer. If you had to remove any screws or components to find the reverse switch, fasten attachments back where they belong, and ensure the fan is completely still before turning it on.

Excellent Energy Savings With Reversed Ceiling Fans

You can take control over your home when switching ceiling fans to reverse settings. Since a thermostat provides temperature readings based on the air around it, you can relax knowing you are getting accurate results with improved air circulation. When you use the installation you already have, you’ll only need to activate HVAC heating systems when needed for energy savings up to 15%.

For maximum savings, note that you should only use ceiling fans for heat distribution when occupying a room. There is no need to run fans while at work, and you should power down systems similar to how you operate lights in the home.

Save Money on Energy Bills With Shipley Energy

Shipley Energy offers home energy services for heating and cooling applications. We’ve been in business for over 85 years, and offer flexible plans to cover your needs year-round. For more information about our full range of options for homes, give us a call at 855-874-8394, or fill out a contact form online today.

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