Choosing Your Home Electric Supplier

Choosing who to supply electricity for your home is an important part of being a homeowner. Read on to find out the importance of choosing a supplier and learn a few tips to help you make your decision.

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Why does choosing a supplier matter?

Suppliers can provide your home’s electricity at lower rates than the utility company by purchasing electricity at a lower rate and passing on the price benefits to you. There can also be other benefits of choosing a supplier.

At Shipley Energy we provide the following benefits to our customers:

  • Low electricity rates – we follow the market and buy electricity to get you great prices year-round.
  • Fixed Prices – you can choose a fixed rate for period of 6, 12, or 24 months – during this time your rate will not change, making it easier for you to budget.
  • Unlimited 3% back on your electricity supply costs through our Shipley Energy Rewards program.
  • Worry-Free Renewal – opt-in to receive fixed price renewal options to avoid unpredictable and sometimes scary variable rates.

Making a Decision

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Residential Electricity Plan

Choosing an electric supplier and plan can be a challenge, especially with all the options that are now available. Evaluation of the following factors can help you make an informed decision:

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What You Can Expect When Switching Suppliers to Shipley Energy

Choosing Shipley Energy as your electric supplier doesn’t mean a lot of changes to you as a customers.

  • You will still receive your bill from your utility company.
  • You will continue to pay the utility company.
  • Shipley Energy will appear as the electricity supplier on your bill, with your contracted price.
  • There will be no interruption in service when switching suppliers.
  • There is no service fee for switching to Shipley Energy.

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Buying electricity is as easy as choosing between items at the grocery store. You have preferred brands because of value or taste. With Shipley Energy, it’s easy to see the value:

What information do I need to switch?

Shipley Energy will need to know which utility serves your address, and your account number located on your utility bill to process the switch. Don’t worry – we can help you through this process over the phone.

Why Switch to Shipley?

Energy deregulation created a wide-open market in which anyone can participate. On one level, this is a good thing for homeowners, who now have more choice than ever before when it comes to where and how they buy energy. Unfortunately, not all suppliers are created equal, and for every reputable electric company offering great rates, there are just as many, if not more, companies that are just out to take your money. The lack of education around deregulation only makes this problem worse.

So how do you tell which electric companies are reputable? And more importantly, what makes Shipley Energy the best option out there? Here are a few things which separate us from other electric providers in PA:

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Choose a Supplier That Cares

Choose a Supplier That Cares

Contact us with any questions you have or to get started.


Joe L.

Since deregulation in PA, I review my energy (Gas & Electric) at least once a year. I was amazed with how easy it was to convert my electric service to Shipley Energy. They...

Read more

Since deregulation in PA, I review my energy (Gas & Electric) at least once a year. I was amazed with how easy it was to convert my electric service to Shipley Energy. They not only had one of the lowest rates, but also the online process was quick, very easy, and I received emails explaining my account had been created and the cancellation to my previous supplier. Would definitely recommend to family and friends shopping for a new utility provider

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Joe L.
James S.

I am pleased to be able to support a local energy company and doubly pleased that Shipley offers a green electricity alternative.

James S.
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