Propane for Warehouses and Manufacturing

Propane is a safe, reliable alternative fuel resulting from natural gas processing. It makes an excellent energy source for many manufacturing and warehouse applications. You can use propane tanks for everything from powering equipment to supplying energy to your facility.

Shipley Energy provides many commercial propane services, including delivering propane tanks for manufacturing facilities and warehouses in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Using Propane in Your Warehouse or Manufacturing Facility

When you seek a versatile energy source, propane is an excellent option. Propane uses for manufacturing facilities and warehouses include:

  • Propane heaters: Use propane to create a mobile, off-the-grid heating source. This solution works exceptionally well for temporary tented production areas where central heating is impractical.
  • Complete facility powering: Purchase propane to heat your entire operation. The highly efficient fuel can maintain comfortable temperatures for your employees while keeping operations going.
  • Powering forklifts: Internal combustion forklifts often use 33-pound propane cylinders to keep equipment running the entire shift. This fuel source is safe for indoor use and easy to switch out.

The Solutions Shipley Energy Offers

As an experienced commercial propane supplier, Shipley Energy will deliver and manage your propane use. Here are the three propane delivery options we offer:


Rely on our team to expertly monitor your propane supply so you always have the proper amount to power your forklifts or heat your facility.


Get in touch when you need fuel, and we’ll provide efficient delivery to keep your operation running smoothly..


Whether on the weekend or in the middle of the night, we’re available to respond to your requests for fuel to limit downtime.

Our propane supply services also include reporting tools to monitor costs and propane usage. With these solutions, you’ll manage your energy spending more effectively. We also offer several commercial pricing options allowing your warehouse or manufacturing facility to choose what works best. Pay for an entire season in advance, get a fixed rate, or pay based on the current market price.

Why Run a Warehouse on Propane?

Propane for Warehouses
Many manufacturing and warehousing operations choose to operate on propane for its many advantages. Here are a few of the top reasons to use propane for your equipment or heating:

  • Forklifts that run on propane operate more cost-effectively and more cleanly than diesel ones.
  • Heaters or other equipment operating on propane run cooler and burn cleaner, increasing equipment life spans.
  • You can save on costs when buying propane versus other fuel sources.
  • Your facility can meet sustainability goals by choosing propane, an energy source with reduced emissions.

Convenient Service from an Experienced Local Team

When you need propane for commercial applications, trust your supply to a company that looks out for you. We work hard to find the best propane rates and provide transparent pricing so you always know what you’ll pay. We’re also available 24/7 to answer questions or set up an emergency delivery. Our knowledgeable Customer Care team and well-trained technicians understand the industry and your unique propane needs.

Reach Out for Warehouse Propane

Run your warehouse equipment on propane or heat your manufacturing facility. Shipley Energy has over 90 years of experience backing our commercial energy services.

Contact Shipley Energy to discuss propane for warehousing and manufacturing

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