Excellence in Action: Specialty Tree Services’ Success Story

Specialty Tree Services is an industry leader in Central Pennsylvania that has been helping customers with their tree service needs for over 40 years. When their team needed a reliable source of fuel supply and on-site fuel tanks, they turned to Shipley Energy for an on and off-road diesel solution. 

With multiple machines and trucks fueling-up daily, Shipley Energy provided Specialty Tree Services with two on-site fuel tanks and remote tank monitors to keep their tanks full and ready.

“Shipley Energy delivers our diesel fuel for our trucks and equipment and the service couldn’t be better. The remote tank monitors are great, as we know we’ll always have the fuel we need so we can get back to serving our customers.”  – Colin Buccioni

Specialty Tree Services now has on-site diesel fuel tanks allowing them to refuel quickly without the need to run to the gas station. This saves their team tens of hours a month in travel and fueling time, and thousands of dollars of wages a year.

If your team is facing similar fuel challenges our team can help with an on-site solution. Reach out to our team today – 410-397-7332

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