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BGE Natural Gas & Electric Service

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) is a utility company serving residential and commercial customers in the Baltimore, Maryland area. BGE maintains roughly 25,000 miles of power lines and a natural gas network covering over 7,100 miles.  

BGE has provided energy to customers in central Maryland for over 200 years and is continually making advancements to improve electric and natural gas delivery across the region. The company's commitment to sustainable energy and the restoration and conservation of the environment are key elements of its corporate vision. 

BGE Natural Gas & Electric Pricing

In Maryland, suppliers like Shipley Energy are able to work directly with BGE customers to provide fixed rates across this delivery network. With a fixed rate, the price per unit does not change regardless of how much natural gas is used. This is beneficial to both residential and commercial customers. To find out how Shipley Energy can help with pricing, call now.

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Shipley Energy has helped more than 2,500 customers in the BGE area enroll in deregulated energy plans. To request current BGE natural gas rates or other information, contact the appropriate customer service division.


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Baltimore Gas and Electric Customer Service Information

Need to get in touch with a representative at BGE or want to report an outage? Look through the list of contact methods below.

BGE's Service Area

BGE Utilities has a large service area surrounding Baltimore, Maryland. The service map below shows the territory BGE services. While BGE may be in your area, they may not serve your electric or natural gas supply. To find more detailed information on their service area, please visit their Service Territory page.


Deregulation in BGE

BGE Electric Utility operates in Maryland which is a deregulated state in terms of natural gas and electricity. Deregulation allows alternate suppliers, like Shipley Energy, to offer their energy products to consumers within the marketplace. The price these suppliers offer is not set by the government or the utility company, and therefore are often much more competitive.

Deregulation allows you to choose your natural gas or electricity supplier like you would most other service providers. For example, if you are unhappy with the price of your Internet service you could change to another company. In this case, deregulation allows you the same freedom.

Deregulation and Your Natural Gas and Electric Bills

One of the easiest ways to take control of your natural gas or electric bill is to choose a supplier (click the green text to look up the term in our handy glossary) with a great fixed rate. A gas or electric supplier, like Shipley Energy, doesn’t always promise to be lower than BGE at all points during the year, but we do promise a fixed rate for 12 months and a friendly Customer Care team to talk to about any questions you have.

The benefit of having a fixed rate is knowing what you will pay per kilowatt hour. This can help you manage your monthly budget. Shipley Energy also provides our loyal customers with the benefit of a rewards program, where you earn points for every dollar spent on natural gas or electricity that can be redeemed for gift cards.

The choice is yours. Choosing an gas and electric supplier like Shipley Energy will get you great customer service and a fair rate. Let us answer any questions you have – you have no obligation to make a decision today. A friendly customer care team member is ready to take your call.

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Easy to Read Glossary of Natural Gas Terms

  1. Natural Gas Supplier Supplier – A business, other than BGE, that is licensed to supply natural gas to the utility company on your behalf. When choosing a natural gas company, it is best to compare BGE gas suppliers and select a company that provides a fair rate, a clear contract, and good customer service.
  2. Fixed Rate – The price you will pay per unit, as stated in a contract, for the length of the contract with the natural gas supplier or utility. Fixed rates are often extended for 6, 12, and 24 months. Please review the terms of your contract.
  3. Ccf/Mcf/Therm – Units of natural gas measurement. Your supplier will use these to determine your monthly bill. BGE uses Therm Factor to determine gas usage and fees. 
  4. PA Gas Switch – A Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission website focused on natural gas suppliers. Customers can use this tool for easy comparison of natural gas prices, contract lengths, and supplier terms and conditions. 
  5. Shipley Energy Rewards Program – Shipley Energy’s loyalty program that rewards customers for the energy they use every day. Shipley Energy provides electricity, natural gas, heating oil, propane, and HVAC services that count towards your rewards. Redeem rewards for gift cards at a selection of your favorite stores – online and off!
  6. Variable Rate – The price you pay per unit as determined by the utility company or natural gas supplier that manages your energy supply. Variable rates can change monthly as BGE or the supplier changes rates.

Why Switch Natural Gas Suppliers?

Maryland's deregulated energy market has created more opportunities for homeowners to make smart choices about their home energy use. While BGE will continue to deliver your natural gas, read your meter, and send you a monthly bill, we will provide the actual gas - at a guaranteed rate. Get a great low rate to protect you through the winter, when you need it most!

When you decide where to purchase your natural gas, you're protected from market fluctuations. A fixed rate per unit of energy will allow you to easily determination each month's energy costs, simplifying your budgeting. Since the rate never changes, you can keep your home comfortable even when the market rates increase.

With a switch to Shipley Energy, you can choose a fixed rate from day one. Your price will stay consistent throughout the length of your contract, giving you predictable billing and peace of mind. Call a Shipley Energy expert at 855-564-3050 to see how BGE's natural gas prices compare with our low rates and ensure you're getting the best deal. 

Energy conservation efforts will still help you keep more money in your pocket, but having a fixed rate for your natural gas use means you can give the thermostat a nudge when you need it. Shipley Energy makes switching suppliers effortless, so you can immediately enjoy the benefits: 

A Secure Price

Have peace of mind with a fixed rate and be protected from price increases for the term of your agreement. BGE's natural gas price changes every month, and February is predicted to be frigidly cold. When temperatures go down, prices go up. Don't get caught in a high rate!

Switching is Easy!

Unlike other natural gas suppliers, there is no sign-up fee or interruption in service when you switch to Shipley Energy. While we’ll supply your home’s natural gas, BGE will continue to deliver it, read your meter, and send you a monthly bill. The only change will be your access to multiple pricing plans and service benefits. You'll experience immediate freedom in choosing your natural gas prices and continue to receive the same reliable service. 

Reach out to Shipley Energy's customer service department to learn more about the ease and benefits of switching. We have representatives ready online and over the phone.  

How Do I Know Which Supplier to Choose?

When Pennsylvania deregulated its energy sector, many companies began offering fixed and variable rate plans for homeowners across the state. While the resulting plans cause BGE-provided natural gas prices to vary widely, there are several critical factors to consider when choosing a supplier:

  • Contract Details: Are the supplier's plans fixed or variable rate? How long does the contract last? Are there penalties for switching early or changing your plan? 
  • Pricing: Is the supplier's price lower than BGE natural gas rates? How does the comparison look over time? Make sure to find BGE natural gas prices to compare all-year-round for the last few years. A fixed rate that looks appealing in current market conditions may end up costing more over time. 
  • Reputation: Is the supplier well-established in the community? Are their customers happy with the service they provide? Deregulation was a significant opportunity, so many companies quickly took advantage of it. Choosing to work with a long-running, established energy company will increase the likelihood of your new supplier having long-term availability. 

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As an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau we are dedicated to honest and responsive relationships with our customers – instilling confidence and advancing a trustworthy marketplace for all. Visit our BBB review page.

Why Shipley Energy?

Helping our residential customers in PA, MD, and OH save energy and money is something Shipley Energy has been doing for more than 85 years. We do that by offering a variety of flexible natural gas pricing options to let you take control of your home energy costs. The result is savings that make Shipley Energy the region's smartest natural gas choice.

Many of our customers have been with us for years, and we value our reputation for providing energy solutions that make life easier for homeowners. When we chose to enter the deregulated energy market, we committed to uphold that reputation by designing plans and rates that put the customer first. 

With both fixed and variable pricing options available, Shipley Energy makes heating and lighting your home easy, predictable, and affordable. Our plans and policies are designed to be completely transparent, so you know exactly what you're getting. Check your zip code to see the rates, and offers available for your area and you'll understand why customers switch to our services without looking back. 

Energy Efficiency Programs

Fixed rate natural gas plans protect you from market fluctuations by locking in a consistent price per unit of natural gas. Nevertheless, any steps you take to lower your consumption will also lower your monthly bill, which is good news for you and the environment. 

Contact Shipley Energy to Get Started

Shipley Energy is proud to provide our customers with ideas on how to decrease their natural gas usage without chilling their homes. If you're considering making the switch to Shipley Energy, call 866-789-5560 or contact us online today for more information on our energy-efficiency programs or natural gas pricing plans. 

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Energy Deregulation 101

We’ve compiled a basic infographic to aid you in the process of understanding energy deregulation and the steps to take in choosing an energy supplier. We hope you enjoy!

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