Generations of residents in Manheim have trusted Shipley Energy to provide the heating oil they need to keep their fuel tanks full and turn up the heat each winter. We have more expert technicians in the field than any other company, allowing us to provide constant availability and services when you need them most.

We want to get you the fuel you need when you need it by allowing you to select from a wide range of options to design the perfect heating oil delivery plan for your household.

Shipley Energy

Our Delivery Options for Manheim Homes

Shipley Energy is dedicated to providing exceptional services and heating oil in Manheim, Pennsylvania. We work hard to ensure you have the fuel you need as soon as you need it. Because every household is unique, we offer three different heating oil delivery options, including:

  • Automatic delivery: Your Shipley Energy team will monitor your fuel levels and automatically schedule deliveries when you’re running low to guarantee you have oil on hand.
  • On-demand delivery: Schedule your deliveries manually by giving us a call or placing your orders online to get heating oil delivered whenever you decide you need it.
  • Emergency delivery: Should you run out of heating oil, Shipley Energy is available around the clock to provide emergency deliveries so you can stay warm.

With over 90 years of experience under our belts, we’ve optimized our fuel delivery process to maximize efficiency and reliability. We’re available for deliveries 24/7, and our system is entirely paperless so that you can track and view your delivery tickets online at any time.

Four Personalized Pricing Plans

We are here to offer affordable, effective heating oil delivery services. As part of our dedication, we’ve developed four personalized pricing plans that allow you to determine how you’ll pay for your heating oil each season. These pricing options include:

  • Market price: With this plan, the cost of each gallon of fuel is based on the current fuel oil prices in Manheim.
  • Pre-buy price: Choose pre-buy pricing to lock in a guaranteed fixed rate for your fuel for the whole heating season. 
  • Cap price: Your price will reflect current Manheim heating oil prices but won’t exceed your set cap, protecting you from significant surges.
  • LIHEAP grants: Low-income households can apply for assistance with heating bills through Pennsylvania’s LIHEAP grants.

Shipley Energy customers can also take advantage of our consistently monthly billing plan. With this plan, we’ll divide your seasonal heating expenses into 12 predictable and manageable bills that you’ll pay monthly, making them easier to account for in your budget.

Switch to Shipley Energy This Season

Switch to Shipley Energy This Season

When you choose Shipley Energy for heating oil delivery, you get a partner dedicated to meeting your needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available anytime to help you consider your options, create a budget, and design the perfect plan for your household.

Schedule your first heating oil delivery online or by phone. If you have any questions about our available services in Manheim, our staff is happy to chat! Get in touch with our team to find out more.