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Shipley Energy Jun 16, 2021

Making a Positive Environmental Impact Starts at Home

Today, you always hear about how you can make a positive environmental impact by installing solar panels, purchasing newer more efficient appliances, or downsizing your house. For many, these options are costly and unattainable. Shipley Energy connects customers across Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Ohio with new environmental-friendly options like carbon-neutral natural gas or green electricity. Switching to greener alternatives such as carbon-neutral natural gas is a simple, low-cost way for anyone to make a positive impact! Continue reading below or call us at (800) 839-1849 to learn more.


What does carbon-neutral mean?

Carbon-neutral simply means that the emissions produced by fueling your home with natural gas are balanced by verified carbon offset projects. It’s not an entirely different source of energy, it’s a smarter plan of action that lowers the impact on the environment. When you purchase a carbon-neutral alternative, you fund projects that actively remove or prevent an equal amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere. Choosing carbon-neutral alternatives are a simple, low-cost way that anyone to make a difference from the comfort of their own home. Nothing changes for you as a customer! The cost of carbon offsets is included in affordable rates when customers choose an eligible plan.


What projects are being supported?

Shipley Energy is a proud partner with multiple green projects that help make the earth a greener place. The projects listed below actively remove or prevent an equal amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases from being released into the air. It is only through our customer’s support, that we are able to take part in these intiatives!


South Kent Landfill Gas to Energy Project

The South Kent Landfill collects the methane and other gases produced by the decomposition of buried organic materials. In 2009, the landfill installed two electric generators with a combined capacity of 3.2 megawatts. That earned it recognition by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program as Community Partner of the Year.

The methane is burned in the generators, feeding electricity into the local power grid. The landfill also accepts electronics, holiday light strings, and appliances for recycling, and chemicals and other hazardous household wastes for safe disposal.


Greater New Bedford LFG (Landfill Gas) Utilization Project

At the Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management District’s Crapo Hill Landfill, a system of wells and pipes collects the landfill gas. Burning the landfill gas for power does emit carbon dioxide. But the Environmental Protection Agency says methane is 25 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, so trading methane for CO2 is a good deal for the planet. Electricity and waste heat from the generators help operate an adjacent anaerobic digestion facility that uses food and other organic waste to produce biogas—which goes back to the power plant as a supplemental fuel.

So the project turns various kinds of waste into electricity while creating income for the landfill and jobs for local residents. And every year it keeps an estimated 88,437 metric tons (97,485 US tons) of carbon dioxide or equivalent greenhouse gases from going into the atmosphere.


Hawk Mountain Improved Forest Management Project

The sanctuary established a carbon project that generates income through the sale of carbon offsets. The improved forest management sequesters 45,000 metric tons (49,604 US tons) of carbon dioxide each year above the regional baseline. The project is part of Working Woodlands, a program designed by Bluesource and The Nature Conservancy to encourage forest conservation through carbon offsets. A carbon offset represents the reduction of 1 metric ton (2,205 pounds) of carbon dioxide emissions. Hawk Mountain does so by absorbing (sequestering) CO2 from the atmosphere.



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