Food Manufacturing Energy Procurement


Between preparation, processing, packaging, shipping, lighting, and heat, your food manufacturing facility relies on energy for many of its essential operations. Thus, choosing a reliable, cost-effective energy supplier becomes all the more crucial.

If you're looking for electric or fuel services for your MD, PA, or OH business, look no further than Shipley Energy. We're proud to partner with thousands of food manufacturers and restaurants throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Let us help you find the best services and pricing options to meet your business needs.

Energy Solutions for Food Manufacturers

For more than 90 years, Shipley Energy has provided tips on energy management for food manufacturers as well as an array of energy services. Our cost-effective solutions and leading expertise help us build lasting relationships with our food manufacturing partners.

Choose from energy services such as:

  • Electricity: In deregulated states, food manufacturing facility owners have the option to choose their electric service provider. This competition results in reduced rates and exceptional savings. Additionally, our energy advisors can evaluate your energy usage to find the best pricing arrangement for your needs.
  • Propane: Propane is an excellent clean, cost-effective fuel for many restaurant applications. Use it to power your ovens, stoves and other equipment throughout your facility.
  • Natural gas: Natural gas is another top choice for use in restaurant stoves, ovens and similar appliances. We help you keep your natural gas costs under control with fixed-rate options that save you from seasonal fluctuations.
  • Heating oil/Bioheat: We offer both traditional heating fuel and Bioheat — a revolutionary blend of regular heating oil and biodiesel derived from organic materials — to heat your entire eatery or food manufacturing facility.

Shipley Energy Is the Mid-Atlantic's Trusted Food Manufacturing Energy Supplier

Shipley Energy is here to meet your business' needs 24 hours a day. We can deliver our economic energy solutions at the best time for your schedule, as well as automatic and emergency refills to keep your business running smoothly.

Our experts are always available to offer more information and provide customer support. Contact us online to speak with us about making Shipley Energy your food manufacturer's energy supplier.