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Shipley Energy has proudly served the natural gas needs of municipalities throughout parts of PA, MD, and OH for more than 90 years. With a variety of competitive pricing options and 24-hour services for your buildings and vehicles, we make it easy for you to keep your operations running smoothly.

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Consistent Natural Gas Costs for Your Municipality

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Natural Gas for Heating Municipal Buildings

Government facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic use natural gas to heat buildings and water as well as to operate cooling and refrigeration equipment. If your municipality relies on natural gas this heavily, even the slightest fluctuations could have a significant impact on your bill.

Don’t let inconsistent natural gas prices put a hole in your budget. Instead, turn to Shipley Energy for reliable pricing options. We help you save money on your energy costs by giving you consistency in your monthly statement.

Shipley Energy provides more than just natural gas services for your local government building. We work with you to develop a pricing and payment plan that works with your municipality’s needs, including both fixed-rate and variable options. Our individualized approach, competitive prices and variety of offerings set us apart as a premier natural gas supplier for your local government facilities.

Natural Gas to Fuel Municipal Fleet Vehicles

If your municipality operates an aging fleet or is looking to expand, there’s no better time to add a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle to your inventory. Engines that operate with CNG have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance than traditional fueling options. Not to mention, fuel for CNG vehicles is significantly more affordable than gasoline or diesel.

Shipley Energy is at the forefront of the compressed natural gas industry for municipal fleets. We operate a CNG station in York, PA, where we can fill your vehicles with clean, affordable fuel. Our CNG-fueled trucks average more than 350 miles with each fuel-up, meaning you’ll be ready for hours on the road. We also offer convenient on-site fueling services for municipal fleets located throughout our service area.

Municipal Natural Gas Aggregation

Bring your community together with local government natural gas aggregation. This is a natural gas service for a group of customers joined together as a single entity buying energy for its members. Citizens in your municipality can receive better prices on natural gas in a municipal aggregation than if they signed up individually.

Local government entities — such as cities, counties and townships — can form an aggregate buying group on behalf of their residents with either “opt-in” or “opt-out” provisions. In opt-in, each resident must sign themselves up to participate. Opt-out enrolls all the community’s citizens unless they choose to exclude themselves from the program.

We offer convenient government natural gas aggregation for participating municipalities across the mid-Atlantic region. Whether you manage a large city or a small borough, we’ll work with you to provide competitive prices for all members of your community to enjoy.

Contact Shipley Energy for Your Municipal Natural Gas Needs

Contact Shipley Energy for Your Municipal Natural Gas Needs

Different municipalities and local governments have vastly different needs. We'll gladly work with you to provide natural gas services for your municipal fleets, buildings and residents. Get started today — just contact us online.

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