FUELChex is fuel tracking technology you can count on

FUELChex is fuel tracking technology you can count on. In today’s competitive economy, organizations that leverage advanced technology can gain granular control over their costs, run a leaner and more intelligent business, avoid risk, and identify potential problems before they lead to downtime or loss.

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A Shipley Energy exclusive, FUELChex is a cost management tool that creates efficiencies that will ultimately save you time and money. One of the most intuitive, sophisticated fleet fuel management systems available today, we designed FuelCHEX to meet the need for accessible, up-to-date information about fuel use and costs. It is an ideal solution for transport companies, warehouses, construction crews, and any other business with an active fleet of vehicles or equipment.

What is FUELChex?

FUELChex is ideal for large fleets. When you sign up for the service, our technicians will attach a barcode to each of your assets. Each time we fuel your fleet, you’ll be able to track the job through our secure web portal. This creates efficiencies by ensuring:

  • Fueling accuracy: FUELChex prevents our technicians from accidentally filling up a unit that doesn’t need refilling. It also ensures that you get exactly what you pay for, down to the last fraction of a gallon. When the fueling process is more accurate, that translates into faster service with less downtime.
  • Real-time data access: All fueling data collected through the FUELChex system is accessible around the clock through our online portal. Easily get the information you need for reporting, auditing, or budgeting, at any time by logging into your account from any computer or mobile device. Our advanced fleet fuel system makes getting accurate data as easy as checking your email.
  • User-friendly invoices and delivery tickets: Our online portal is useful for more than just fuel use tracking. It’s also a fast and convenient way to pay your bills. With FUELChex, there’s no need to wait on hold or take time out of your day. You can also pay in advance so you never have to worry about keeping cash on hand.
  • Excel exportable data: All data in FUELChex is exportable via Microsoft Excel, making it easy to integrate billing data with Quickbooks, Salesforce or another platform, or to track fuel use over time in most fleet management software applications.
  • Job cost tracking by the gallon and by price: With FUELChex, you have the option of seeing the data you want to see, in the format you want to see it. Track your costs by job, vehicle ID number, gallon, price, location or several other metrics — whatever you need to make informed decisions about your fleet.
  • Alleviate fraud risk: Ultimately, FUELChex is a way of gaining peace of mind. With it, you can always be sure your assets are ready for use as soon as a shift begins.
Get Started with FUELChex

Get Started with FUELChex

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