Commercial Electricity for Pennsylvania Businesses


Pennsylvania Commercial Electricity Provider

Commercial operations of every size need reliable power. Fortunately, since the 1997 deregulation of Pennsylvania's energy market, businesses in the state have more choices than ever. Now, you have the option of specifying where your utility company purchases its electricity from, allowing you to take advantage of convenient pricing plans that may save you money compared to the market rate.

Choosing an electricity supplier may seem complicated, but Shipley Energy makes it easy. Keep reading to learn how we can help you gain more control over your utility bills, contact us via our convenient form, or call to speak with a representative.

What Is Energy Deregulation?

With deregulation, homes and businesses have the option of choosing an energy supplier beyond their local utility.

Energy suppliers aren't required to charge you the market rate. Instead, many offer contract-based plans that take advantage of their bulk buying capabilities.

However, not all electricity suppliers are the same. Some will attempt to force you into a long-term contract at a higher-than-market rate. That's why it's important to work with a trusted name.

Commercial Electricity From Shipley Energy

Shipley Energy has been active in Pennsylvania since 1929. When we decided to get into the deregulated energy market, we knew we would have to offer a level of service and integrity that honors that legacy.

We've designed our pricing plans to help you gain control over your electricity costs. More importantly, we'll help you better understand your energy needs — your periods of peak use and demand, your budget, and more — so that you can make an informed, forward-thinking decision.

Who We Work With

We can provide commercial electricity for Pennsylvania companies with the following utility providers:

  • Duquesne Light
  • Met-Ed
  • PECO Energy
  • Penelec
  • PPL Electric Utilities

When you make us your supplier, you'll still receive your bill from your utility company and will rely on them for any infrastructural service and support. You won't lose power when we make the switch, either. The only difference you'll notice is a line on your next bill outlining the rate you're paying as a Shipley Energy customer.

We're expanding our territory and partner network all the time, so if your utility company isn't listed above, check back in the future or get in touch with our team for assistance.

Shipley Energy's Competitive Advantage

Even if electric power isn't a major part of your overhead costs, you'll still enjoy more predictable budgeting by choosing Shipley Energy as your supplier. We've invested in technology and innovations that helps us run a leaner organization without sacrificing the experience of our customers. For businesses who rely on us for commercial electricity in Pennsylvania, this translates into savings and stability on a month-to-month basis.

Contact Shipley Energy To Get Started

For more information or to check current commercial electricity rates in Pennsylvania, use the form on our contact page or give us a call to reach out to one of our experts.