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Maryland Commercial Electricity Supplier

Maryland deregulated its energy market more than 20 years ago, allowing business to find a great rate and potentially save money on their utility bills. Yet many organizations are still paying the market price for electricity leaving them open to uncertainty in times of high demand.

By designating an electricity supplier, you can take advantage of a wide range of plans and price structures to find an option that works best for your business.

Shipley Energy has a long history in Maryland's commercial electricity market. We are committed to helping everyone we work with better understand the opportunity this presents and make informed choices that save them money.

Choosing an Electricity Supplier

An electricity supplier is different from a utility company. Utility companies handle the infrastructure, delivery, and billing, but suppliers provide the actual power. Utility companies are required to charge their customers the market rate for electricity, but suppliers can offer fixed or flexible contracts that take advantage of their bulk buying power.

In Maryland, unless you specify a supplier, you'll be stuck paying the market rate, which means that when prices rise in periods of high demand, your bill goes up. A supplier can provide a measure of protection against this uncertainty.

Commercial Electricity Pricing Plans

If you're a Baltimore Gas and Electric customer, you can choose Shipley Energy as your supplier, and take advantage of customized commercial electricity procurement solutions. Fixed rates are a popular option but we offer a variety of other structures including capped and collared contracts that keep your rates within a specified range.

Whichever you choose, you'll still receive your invoice and all associated service from Baltimore Gas and Electric — switching to Shipley Energy as your provider requires no interruption to your service, no equipment to upgrade, and no other investments to make.

Helping You Make Smart Choices for Your Business

Deregulated energy is a great opportunity for any business. But you don't want to commit to something that will cost you more in the long run. That's why we offer detailed energy consultations and service to all commercial customers.

Our team can assess your current and historical electricity use, run the numbers, and help you determine which plan is the right choice for your company.

Why Shipley Energy?

The deregulated energy sector created a tightly packed market almost overnight. While there are now many commercial electricity companies in Maryland, few have Shipley Energy's history of service.

We've been helping businesses get the power and fuel they need to succeed for more than 90 years. We invest in technology and training for our team so that we can provide the best rates for our customers. Just as importantly, we have a longstanding reputation for integrity in everything we do.

If you already rely on us for heating oil, fleet fueling, or other services, consider making Shipley Energy your commercial electricity supplier, too. Reach out using the form on our contact page or give us a call to request a consultation today.

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