Every business needs ways to maximize efficiency while reducing costs. Your fleet can often get overlooked, which leads to high expenses if you’re not careful. When you own and operate a fleet, commercial fuel cards can help keep track of expenses and save money.

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What Are Cardlock Fuel Cards?

Before you understand cardlock fuel cards, it’s important to know what a cardlock fueling station is. Cardlock fuel card locations are members-only sites designed for commercial vehicles that take fuel cards. These cards give drivers and fleet managers access to these fueling stations and allow businesses to monitor purchases, prevent fraud, and institute purchase controls.

How Do Fuel Cards Work?

Fleet fuel cards work like credit cards that give owners and managers greater control over fuel and maintenance purchases. Usually, each driver in a fleet gets a card with their own unique PIN. Unlike a gas card or regular credit card, cardlock fuel cards come with extensive reporting and cost-control restrictions.

Some of the benefits of using commercial fuel cards include:

  • Theft control
  • Detailed reporting
  • Purchase controls
  • E-receipts
  • Centralized billing
  • Online account management

How Your Commercial Fleet Can Benefit From Cardlock Fueling

Using fuel card locations comes with numerous benefits in addition to the ability to use a cardlock fueling station. Shipley Energy has three cardlock fueling stations to give your drivers a convenient place to stop for fuel as well as reliable prices. Here are a few of the benefits of using our cardlock stations:

  • Efficiency: Our stations are designed specifically for commercial vehicles, which means that you don’t need to wait in long lines of sub-compact cars or try to navigate a narrow retail station. Plus, every location is conveniently located off a major highway to provide the perfect space to pull off and fuel up.
  • Better security: Cardlock stations are for cardlock fuel card members only, and they’re well-lit and maintained. Paying with a fuel card is often safer than using cash at a retail gas station. Plus, managers can monitor fuel cards for any suspicious activity.
  • Quality fuel: Purchasing fuel from Shipley Energy means getting quality fuel from the best grade and standards. Plus, we offer a variety of fuel types, so we can act as a one-stop shop when you come to one of our fuel card locations.
  • Better pricing: When you pull up to a retail station, you never know how much your fuel is going to cost. We keep our rates stable, so you are informed and know roughly how much your fuel will cost before you come to our location.
  • Controlled fleet costs: When drivers use their commercial fleet cards, managers and owners know exactly how much is spent and on what. Once you see where that money is going, you can find ways to cut costs and keep employees safe.
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How to Use Your Fuel Cards With Shipley Energy

Shipley Energy has three cardlock station locations that are open 24/7 all year round. We also partner with Pacific Pride, which has 57,000 fueling stations across North America. In addition to our site in New Oxford, PA we have two fully-automated Pacific Pride locations in York and Conshohocken, PA that are open to cardholders.

All Pacific Pride locations accept many different commercial fuel cards, including:

  • PrideAdvantage Card
  • Comdata MasterCard
  • WEX
  • Voyager
  • EFS
  • T-Check
  • TCH
  • Fleet One

We accept the above types of fuel cards at our locations.

You’ll find a wide variety of fuels that you can purchase using your fuel card at Shipley Energy locations, including:

Why Buy Fuel From Shipley Energy?

Why Buy Fuel From Shipley Energy?

Purchasing fuel from Shipley Energy puts your money back into the community. We're a local, family-owned business in York, PA, where we work, live and play. We understand what it's like to operate a fleet as a small business, which is why we provide customized and cost-effective solutions for all of your energy needs. We're dedicated to providing your company with all the energy services you need — whether it's fuel for your fleet or HVAC services. Call us today at 717-771-0772 or complete a contact form to get more information about our different fuel card locations and how using them can benefit your business.

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