Electricity Rates in York, PA

With over 85 years of quality customer service, Shipley Energy takes pride in powering homes across York County, PA. Shipley Energy is the Mid-Atlantic region's leading energy supply company, with service areas that include PA, OH and MD. When you choose us as your supplier of residential power, you partner with a company that treats you like family.

As an energy supplier, our mission is to provide residential customers with options for who powers their homes. We buy directly from utility companies at discounted rates so we can pass our savings on to our customers. Shipley Energy lets you choose where you get your electricity and how you pay for it with multiple fixed rate options.

Finding Low Electricity Rates in York

Price drives many homeowners' decisions of which electricity provider to choose. Since Shipley Energy operates within a deregulated market, we can offer customers multiple options when it comes to selecting an electric power provider. No more utility company monopolies — with Shipley Energy, you determine the most valuable plan for your home.

When choosing an electricity provider, it's important to assess the following factors:

  • Total cost: How much is the sum of all kWh per hour, service fees, and potential penalties?
  • Provider reputation: Is the provider reliable, communicative, and in good standing with past customers?
  • Additional benefits: Does this electric plan provide additional benefits, such as cash back and other rewards?
  • Price per kWh: What is the baseline kWh per hour price? Is this subject to change?

Understanding your home's particular needs is crucial before selecting a plan. Shipley Energy makes this process simple by providing a list of electric company options along with fixed rates and money-saving benefits.

Check Pricing In Your Area

Check Pricing

Why Choose an Energy Supplier?

Traditionally, homeowners would pay one utility company in their region to power their home. Prices could spike without much prior notice, and this continues to be the case in many parts of the country.

With an energy supplier like Shipley Energy, you don't have to worry about changing rates or getting stuck with a traditional utility company. As a York electricity supplier, we purchase energy from all the region's major power sources at a low price and offer those sources — and discounts — to our customers on a fixed-rate basis. This saves you money and the hassle of dealing directly with utility companies.

How Shipley Energy Can Save You Money on York Electric Prices

The major benefits of opting for Shipley Energy as your electricity supplier include:

  • Your choice of electric power providers, including the ability to check pricing online
  • 6, 12, and 24-month fixed rate plans
  • Excellent benefits, such as our unlimited 3% cash back on energy supply costs
  • Timely communication, including two email renewal notices, billing reminders, special offer notifications, and more

Choose Shipley Energy as Your York Electricity Supplier

Are you ready to save on your York electric rates? Get in touch with Shipley Energy today for more information about the advantages of switching to an electricity supplier.