Electricity Rates in Pittsburgh, PA

For more than 85 years, Shipley Energy has been meeting the needs of Pittsburgh, PA residents with dependable service, reliable communication, and attentive customer support. Due to deregulation, we can supply homeowners with energy from a variety of providers — giving you more control over how much you pay for electricity.

When you partner with Shipley Energy, you can take advantage of numerous benefits that come with switching to an energy supplier. Rates can change without notice when you work directly with a utility company. With Shipley Energy, your rates never go up during your service agreement period.

What to Consider When Shopping for Residential Electricity

Selecting the energy supplier that best suits your needs is essential. While some Pittsburgh electricity suppliers offer low kWh rates, the total sum of benefits may not measure up as expected.

When choosing a residential power supplier, it's important to understand all the variables that factor into your yearly electric costs. Consider the following when deciding who provides power to your home:

  • Supplier reputation and customer reviews
  • Additional benefits offered
  • Available terms such as fixed rates vs. variable rates
  • The total yearly costs, including kWh rates, service fees, and other charges

Why Switch From a Utility Company to a Pittsburgh Energy Supplier

When you partner with an energy supplier, you can enjoy many advantages over working with a utility company. With Shipley Energy, you work with us to find the right electricity provider for your needs at an economical rate. Plus, we offer many fixed rate options, so if your energy provider increases their kWh prices, you won't be affected.

The bottom line of our business is saving you money and striving to offer the lowest prices on the electricity market. With access to multiple plan options, you have the flexibility to find energy options tailored to your needs.

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What You Can Expect From Shipley Energy

As an energy supplier who specializes in the PA residential power industry, Shipley Energy knows what our customers want and expect. Keeping your costs low and your power uninterrupted is our mission. Here's why Shipley Energy is an industry leader in top-quality customer service:

  • We offer the most competitive rates possible. See our price check tool to keep tabs on local rates.
  • We keep our customers informed about renewals, billing information, and exclusive offers.
  • We always offer a diverse range of electric provider options.
  • We offer 6-month, 12-month, and 24-month fixed rate plans that keep costs consistent.
  • We provide customers with our Shipley Energy Rewards Program, which includes unlimited 3% cash back on energy costs.

Contact Shipley Energy for Pittsburgh Electric Rates

With over 85 years of experience providing the best electricity rates in Pittsburgh, Shipley Energy is proud to continue our legacy of putting customer needs first. For help choosing the right electricity plan for your home, reach out to our team of experts today.