Electricity Rates in Lancaster, PA

Shipley Energy has been supplying Mid-Atlantic communities with dependable energy solutions for over 85 years. From keeping the air conditioner running in the summer to heating homes throughout the winter months, we're proud to provide residential customers with top-quality energy solutions at competitive prices.

We help homeowners save money on their energy needs by offering choices in electricity sources. By taking advantage of deregulation, we're able to find the best electricity prices and pass those savings on to our Lancaster customers.

Switching to a Lancaster Electric Supplier

Utility companies don't always offer the best deals. Homeowners miss out on hundreds of dollars of energy savings and benefits each year they stay with the same electric company. Fortunately, deregulation gives Shipley Energy the opportunity to save residential customers money.

As a Lancaster electricity supplier, we work directly with utility companies to buy electricity at the lowest possible rates and give our customers a choice in where their electricity comes from. Since we're able to get the industry's best deals, our customers reap the benefits of those savings.

Our Lancaster Electricity Rates and Benefits

Shipley Energy specializes in finding the most valuable electric power sources and offering customers a wide variety of options to choose from. To explore current Lancaster electric rates in your specific area, simply use our price check tool.

When you choose Shipley Energy as your Lancaster electricity supplier over working with a utility company, you can enjoy several major benefits:

  • You have a choice in who powers your home.
  • We provide fixed rate plans, including 6, 12, and 24-month options.
  • We offer our residential customers unlimited 3% cash back on their electric costs with our rewards program.
  • We continually communicate with our customers to make sure they stay up to date on the latest billing information, renewals, special offers, and more.

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Advantages of Choosing an Electricity Supplier in Lancaster

Electricity suppliers like Shipley Energy are able to bring residential customers reliable electric services at an economic price point — better than the traditional utility company system. This is because suppliers purchase electricity from utility companies at lower rates than standard market prices. Electricity suppliers can then pass on savings from a variety of different electric providers to their own customers.

Why Shipley Energy?

Shipley Energy is committed to helping you save money on top-quality electricity services by getting the best Lancaster electric rates from multiple sources. As part of our commitment to customer service, we offer additional benefits such as fixed rate plans, a customer rewards program, and responsive customer support. We believe that serving our customers begins with providing the best choices in electric energy.

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For competitive Lancaster electric prices and excellent customer service, turn to Shipley Energy. To learn more about our services and the benefits of opting for an electricity supplier, contact us today.