Supplying Electricity to Dayton Power & Light Customers


Many Ohio homeowners can take advantage of energy choice to find an electricity supplier who offers lower prices than their utility company. For Dayton Power and Light customers, it's quick and easy to find a plan from Shipley Energy that works for you. Shipley Energy provides economical prices and several plan options that offer you greater control over Dayton Power and Light electricity prices.

The Importance of Energy Choice

Dayton Power and Light customers benefit from energy choice, meaning they can choose from several electricity suppliers to find the best prices and plans for their needs.

In today's deregulated market, suppliers such as Shipley Energy buy electricity from power generation companies at low rates, which we pass to customers. Before deregulation, your utility company bought the energy and set the price, meaning you did not have any say in what you paid.

With numerous suppliers to choose from, you can now shop around to find the best rates and pick the supplier with options that meet your needs. While suppliers provide electricity and set your rate, your utility company still delivers your electricity just as they did before.

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About Dayton Power and Light

For more than 100 years, Dayton Power and Light has served customers in Miami County, Ohio. As a leading utility company in the region, they deliver reliable energy solutions to more than 500,000 customers.

If you are a Dayton Power and Light customer and you choose Shipley Energy to supply your electricity, Dayton Light and Power still remains your utility company. They will continue to provide services to you without any interruption — the only thing that changes is your electricity rates.

Dayton Power and Light's Price to Compare (PTC)

When you compare Dayton Power and Light's electric rates to electricity prices from other suppliers, you can make a fully informed decision about your electricity source. Shipley Energy created an online price checking tool to make it convenient for you to compare available rates and get an idea of your monthly electricity costs.

To ensure you choose the best deal, compare each plan you're considering to Dayton Power and Light's PTC, which is the market price they charge for supplying you with electricity. Any plan you select should offer a lower price.

Check Pricing In Your Area

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Electricity Plans From Shipley Energy

At Shipley Energy, we offer two types of plans:

  1. Fixed price plans: For predictable pricing each month, choose a fixed price plan and secure a rate with us that you will pay for the duration of your plan over six, 12, or 24 months. Seasonal fluctuations and other changes in demand will not impact the price you pay.
  2. Variable price plan: If you like to follow the market, a variable price plan will reflect market prices and change each month. This can help you pay occassionally pay lower rates than a fixed price plan, but other months may be higher.

We also have renewable energy plans available to customers in select areas.

Contact us today or call us at 1-800-839-1849, and we can get you set up with the right electricity plan.