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Remember the last time your power went out? No lighting, refrigeration, or air conditioning? While a short-term power loss is usually nothing more than a minor inconvenience, a prolonged outage can be a serious and even potentially life-threatening event. If you don’t have a backup power system installed in your home, you run the risk of being unprepared if a natural or man-made disaster knocks out electrical power for an extended period.

Shipley Energy Offers Backup Generators That Will Never Leave You in the Dark

With a high-efficiency backup generator installed by the experts at Shipley Energy, you’ll never have to worry about losing power again. We can perform a whole house generator installation that, as the name implies, will provide sufficient electrical output to power your entire home.

A whole house generator looks much like a central air conditioning unit. While a whole house generator is wired directly into your home’s electrical circuit, it has its own independent fuel source — it’s connected to either a propane or natural gas fuel line. Because it does not depend on power from the electrical grid, a whole house generator can operate at full capacity during a power outage.

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We Install High-Quality Whole House Backup Generator Systems

Shipley Energy installs top-quality propane and natural gas backup power systems that use an automatic transfer switch to respond within seconds when utility power is lost. Your residential backup generator will start automatically — you won’t have to fumble around in the dark trying to find a switch. This also means you won’t have to worry about a power outage while you’re away from home. Power is supplied to all preselected lights, appliances, and equipment to keep you secure and comfortable, and to give you peace of mind.

The generator will also shut off automatically when grid power is restored.

Backup Generators Offer Numerous Benefits

Unlike older generators, units from Shipley are surprisingly affordable and quiet. Among the benefits of a high-efficiency generator installed by Shipley are:

  • Weather and security protected
  • Remote transfer switch
  • Built-in charger
  • Operated by natural gas or propane
  • Automatic safety shutdown

In short, with a whole house generator from Shipley Energy, you'll enjoy peace of mind all year long knowing that, whatever happens to the electrical grid, you'll always have the power you need on hand. Whole home generators are usually quieter and more efficient than portable units, making them a more convenient choice overall.

Our team can set up your generator to be as simple and trouble-free as possible. We offer a variety of products, all of which meet our high standards for performance. As an independent business, we don't represent any single brand exclusively. As a result, we can provide you with more options at a wider range of price points and help you make an informed decision based on the needs of your home.

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We’ll Perform a Fast, Efficient Backup Generator Installation

Shipley Energy can help you select the best natural gas or propane whole house generator based on your needs and budget. We’ll evaluate a variety of factors, such as your home’s square footage, electrical and heating systems, specific power requirements in the different areas of your home, and recommend the best unit for the job.

Once you’ve made your decision, our technicians will perform a fast, flawless backup generator installation.

Generator Fueling Options

All whole home generator installations rely on an external fuel source — typically liquid propane or natural gas. In homes that use liquid propane for heating, adding an LPG-powered generator is simple. We can install a system that connects to your tank for maximum convenience. If we're not your dedicated fuel supplier, one of our representatives can help you choose an affordable pricing plan that gets you the fuel you need while respecting your budget.

If your home uses natural gas already, or if you have the option of upgrading and are considering doing so, a natural gas generator is a logical choice. Natural gas is economical and runs directly to your home — unlike propane or heating oil, there's no need to order fuel when you run low.

You Can Depend on Us for Prompt, Reliable Backup Generator Service

Shipley Energy will also be there to make sure your generator remains in peak operating condition. We’ll perform timely preventive maintenance and troubleshooting to detect and correct any potential systems issues in the early stages. We can also conduct minor or more extensive generator repairs when needed.

Contact Shipley Energy today to learn more about how a backup generator installation can keep the power flowing throughout your home in even the most extreme conditions. We’ll also be happy to provide a no-obligation residential backup generator quote.

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