Indoor air quality encompasses multiple different factors such as temperature, humidity, pollen, mold and allergen levels, and more. Smart, well-engineered HVAC systems can play a large role in determining indoor air quality in commercial buildings. At Shipley Energy, we have the experience and the technology necessary to help you make your facilities healthier and more comfortable for everyone who uses them.

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Diagnosing Air Quality Issues

The first step in getting proactive about indoor air quality is to perform a thorough review of your existing HVAC appliances and infrastructure to identify potential trouble areas. These can include:

  • Appliances — Aging, inefficient air conditioners, dehumidifiers and other appliances can have a noticeable impact on air quality. Regular maintenance, including a check of all filters, seals and gaskets, can identify potential issues and take corrective action that extends the life and effectiveness of all HVAC system components.
  • Ductwork and air supply intakes — Mold and dust in ductwork contributes to poor air quality and can trigger allergic reactions in building occupants. Poor sealing can introduce moisture into infrastructure components, which leads to mold and bacteria growth. The presence of birds and other pests in air supply intakes can also introduce contaminants.
  • Building issues — Problems such as cracks in a building’s foundation, poor weatherproofing, or other issues commonly encountered in older properties can all lead to indoor air quality issues.
  • Hazardous material storage — Improperly stored volatile organic components, such as paints, solvents and cleaning solutions, is a major safety hazard and a significant detriment to indoor air quality.

Troubleshooting indoor air quality must begin with these foundational issues. While adding an air purifier, dehumidifier or other appliance can make a difference, that difference will be negligible if the baseline air quality in your facility is poor.

How Shipley Energy Can Help

The complexity of diagnosing these issues speaks to the fact that there is rarely a quick fix when it comes to indoor air quality. Some of the ways Shipley Energy can help include:

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The first step in improving the quality of the air in your building is to schedule a consultation with Shipley Energy. We can test for a variety of factors, pinpoint the most pressing issues and develop an action plan for addressing them. Based in Harrisburg, our team of NATE-certified technicians serves businesses throughout central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. Book your appointment today by calling or emailing our team.

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