Commercial Boilers

Commercial boilers offer a reliable, cost-effective way to keep your facility warm. A commercial boiler is a pressurized heating system that uses either a combustible fuel source — typically oil, natural gas, or propane — or electricity to produce hot water or steam, which is then circulated throughout the building via a piping system.

Key boiler components include:

  • Burner: Produces a precise mixture of oxygen and fuel that provides the flame required to heat the water.
  • Heat exchanger: Transfers the heat generated by the burners to the water inside the unit.
  • Combustion chamber: Contains the burners and provides a safe area for high-pressure fuel combustion.
  • Flue: Assortment of pipes that transport boiler exhaust gases outside the facility.
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What Are the Benefits of a Commercial Boiler Installation?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of installing a commercial boiler is that, unlike with furnaces or heat pumps, there’s no ductwork that can leak and create a substantial energy loss. A commercial boiler relies on a radiant heating system that circulates hot water, instead of heated air that can easily escape from ducts. In addition, commercial boilers contain relatively few moving parts and components that could break down or wear out, which can significantly reduce your long-term maintenance costs.

A properly installed and maintained high-efficiency boiler can also contribute to a healthier environment inside your facility. By reducing carbon emissions by as much as 50%, a boiler can minimize your employees’ and visitors’ exposure to potentially harmful toxic gases.

Shipley Energy Can Install an Efficient, Cost-Effective Commercial Boiler in Your Facility

The more hot water your facility uses, the more you can save by having Shipley Energy install a new, energy-efficient boiler. Some of our commercial customers have cut their utility costs by a third with just a one-time investment in a new unit. Whether powered by oil, natural gas, propane, or another fuel source, today’s boilers are both more efficient and longer-lasting than ever before.

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We’ll Replace That Aging, Underperforming Commercial Boiler

How long has it been since the boiler was installed in your facility? If your current unit is more than 10 years old, it may be time to consider replacing it. Other signs that you might need to upgrade your boiler include the inability to provide uniform heat in all areas of your building, the presence of leaks, yellow flames (gas boilers) or black soot (oil boilers), or the need to have it repaired more frequently. And if your heating bills keep going up, you should make replacing your boiler a high priority.

With more than 90 years of commercial fuel and energy expertise, there’s no better partner for all your HVAC needs than Shipley Energy. Because we don’t have exclusive agreements with a single manufacturer, we can help you choose the best boiler for your facility from any of today’s leading product families. Contact our team directly to begin the process by requesting a free quote today.

Why Choose Shipley Energy for Your Commercial Boiler Needs?

The Shipley name has been synonymous with heating system excellence for many generations. We have been a partner to area businesses since 1929. In that time, we’ve developed a reputation for customer service that is second to none. We can also meet the complex technical requirements of manufacturing facilities, hotels and apartment complexes, and other commercial operations.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should choose us to upgrade a boiler or any other HVAC appliance in your business:

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If you’re in Lancaster, Lebanon, Gettysburg, State College or anywhere else in central PA or northern MD, Shipley Energy can sell, install and service commercial boilers of any size or configuration. You can request a quote by calling or emailing our office with the details of your business, or by visiting us in York, PA. Commercial hot water delivery should be seamless — trust Shipley Energy to provide the equipment and expertise necessary to make it that way.