Ohio Commercial Electricity


Commercial Electricity for Ohio Businesses

Business owners in Ohio can benefit from the state's deregulated energy market by choosing Shipley Energy as their electricity supplier. If you're a customer of Dayton Power & Light, Duke Energy, the Illuminating Company, Toledo Edison, Ohio Edison, or AEP Ohio we can offer you affordable fixed-rate pricing plans that make budgeting more predictable and can potentially save you money over the year. You'll still receive your bill and all associated service from your utility company, and there'll be no interruption in service while you make the switch. To learn more or request a quote, read on, or contact Shipley Energy today.

What Is an Electricity Supplier?

Utility companies like Dayton Power & Light, Duke Energy, the Illuminating Company, Toledo Edison, Ohio Edison, or AEP Ohio are responsible for maintaining and managing the infrastructure that delivers electricity to homes and businesses in Ohio — but they don't always produce electricity themselves. In some cases, they buy it on the open market and sell it to consumers at the going rate. In these cases, they may not make a profit which prevents them from exercising their buying power to deliver savings to customers.

That's where an electricity supplier comes in. When you designate a supplier, you can benefit from fixed-rate plans that reduce pricing unpredictability and make budgeting easier. And if you commit when rates are low, you'll save money over time.

Commercial Electricity From Shipley Energy

When Ohio deregulated its energy market in 2001, dozens of electricity suppliers popped up, seemingly overnight. While many are ethical and honest, others take advantage of business owners and attempt to rope them into unfavorable long-term contracts. That's why it's important to work with a company you trust.

Shipley Energy has been in business since 1929. We have a long history of selling and supplying wholesale fuel to customers throughout the state. Our move into the commercial energy market is a natural extension of our deep industry expertise.

Commercial Electricity Consultations

Part of the reason why Shipley Energy has remained successful for more than 90 years is our commitment to our customers. We do more than just supply electricity — we work with you to understand your energy needs and help you find cost-effective solutions for running your business.

These days, many organizations want to reduce their overhead expenses. By taking advantage of a fixed-rate plan that's tailored to your business, you can potentially save without any investment in expensive new equipment or infrastructure upgrades.

During your free consultation, we'll look at your historical electricity usage and utility bills to identify patterns and opportunities for saving with a fixed plan or other price structure. We'll do the research necessary to help you find a solution that makes the most sense for your business.

Contact Shipley Energy to Get Started

To check current commercial electricity prices in Ohio, get in touch with a Shipley Energy expert today. Use the form on our contact page to reach out to a representative — we would be happy to provide an on-site consultation or quote for your business.