Your diesel engine requires top-quality diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to run efficiently. Shipley Energy makes it easier than ever to purchase DEF through our cardlock fueling stations designed for commercial vehicles. With automated security and premium fuel, your drivers will save time and money using Shipley's strategic DEF location in York, PA.

What Is Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)?

DEF is a solution necessary for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems in diesel engines. Commercial DEF fluid is non-hazardous and is made up of 32.5% urea — an organic compound made of nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen — and 67.5% de-ionized water.

The point of DEF is to counteract the harmful pollutants from diesel engines, which includes nitrogen oxides. DEF helps control the number of nitrogen oxides to meet government-mandated emissions standards.

Most trucks use about 2% DEF compared to fuel consumption, depending on how much you use the vehicle, geography, load ratings, duty cycle and more. Since DEF is directly related to fuel consumption, trucks that average six MPG can go approximately 300 miles with one gallon of diesel exhaust fluid.

What Is DEF Used For?

DEF is used to limit the number of nitrogen oxides diesel engines produce.

When you spray the fluid into the exhaust stream of your diesel engine trucks, it forms ammonia and carbon dioxide. The two gases travel to meet the diesel fumes and bond to form nitrogen and water. The entire system is known as selective catalytic reduction (SCR), which makes diesel exhaust cleaner and better for the environment.

Types of Vehicles and Industries That Use DEF

Any vehicle or industry that uses diesel engines must use commercial DEF fluid.

Diesel engine trucks that transport goods most often use DEF. From grocery stores to retailers with an entire fleet of shipping trucks, a variety of industries use these vehicles. Today, companies are continually adding to their fleets to keep up with demand, leading to a larger need for DEF.

The construction industry also uses diesel engines for equipment such as bulldozers and front loaders. Large-scale agricultural operations also use diesel engines for machines such as tractors to increase their durability and efficiency. Trains and even the marine sector utilize diesel engines and DEF to transport people and goods all over the world.

What Happens If My Truck Runs out of Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

The U.S. Environment Protection Agency stipulates that manufacturers of diesel trucks must integrate onboard warning systems to let drivers know when they're running low on DEF. The alerts typically begin when the DEF level drops below 10% of capacity, and you'll see an amber warning lamp on the dashboard. As the level continues to decrease, the lamp will begin to flash and eventually become a solid amber warning light.

If the vehicle runs out of fluid, you probably won't be able to restart the engine after shutting it down. You'll need to add more DEF to get your truck back on the road. It's imperative to stop at a DEF gas station for a refill before this issue occurs so that you're not stranded.

Will My Truck Need a Lot of DEF?

To know how much DEF your vehicle will use, you'll first have to know its dosing rate, which is the percentage of DEF consumption relative to the overall diesel fuel consumption. While the rate can vary from one vehicle to the next, it typically falls between 2–3% for most of the medium and larger commercial vehicles on the road. So if your truck gets six miles to the gallon of diesel fuel, you'll need to add about one gallon of DEF per every 200 miles you travel, assuming a dosing rate is 3%.

DEF Fluid Prices

The DEF price you pay will vary based on several factors:

  • Volume: As with many commodities, the unit cost of DEF is lower when you purchase larger quantities. The cheapest option is buying DEF fluid in bulk and having it delivered to a terminal or hub. This method is typically the most cost-effective solution for companies that operate a large commercial vehicle fleet. You can also purchase it in smaller amounts, such as 55-gallon drums and 330-gallon totes. The most expensive way to buy DEF is in small jugs or at the pump.
  • Location: If you spend a lot of time on the road, you'll probably notice that DEF prices can fluctuate dramatically from one area to the next. Much of the urea, the primary material used to produce DEF, comes from the east coast, which means prices can be less expensive in our region. In contrast, DEF manufacturers on the west coast import much of their urea from China, and Chinese tariffs often impact the price.
  • Natural disasters: Factors that aren't man-made can also impact DEF pricing. Two class-5 super typhoons that rocked ports in Southeast Asia in 2018 made it impossible to ship urea from Chinese ports in fewer than 30 days. The resulting increase in demand drove the prices up, as did China's decision to levy tariffs on its retained quantities of urea.

Regardless of these and any other factors, you can always count on Shipley Energy to offer DEF at competitive prices. We also strive to keep our costs as stable as possible for our commercial customers.

Where to Buy DEF Fluid

Various truck stops and retail locations offer DEF fluid stations either in jugs or at the pump. If you can't find one near you, fleet suppliers will often deliver DEF straight to your facility.

Finding a DEF fluid station is now easier and safer thanks to Shipley Energy's cardlock fuel stations. Drivers no longer have to navigate tight spaces and wait in long lines at a retail gas station. Our cardlock fuel locations are members-only and allow your drivers 24/7 access to convenient and automated diesel exhaust fuel at reliable prices.

We partnered with Pacific Pride to create convenient fueling stations for fleet managers and drivers. Pacific Pride has more than 57,000 fueling stations across North America where drivers get local service and support. Shipley operates two Pacific pride locations in Pennsylvania, and our York site offers commercial DEF fluid 24/7. At this 714 Loucks Mill Road location, you have access to fuels such as:

Shipley makes it easy to fill up on DEF while also purchasing the other fuels you need. Our Pacific Pride location is located near main highways — I-83 and Route 30 — for maximum convenience. Since the site is for cardholders only, it's the perfect place for medium and heavy-duty trucks to stop and navigate fueling without the tight spaces or long lines.

Why Buy DEF From Shipley?

Investing in Shipley's diesel exhaust fluid means investing in a local, family-owned business in Central PA.

We understand what it's like to operate a fleet for a small business, which is why we offer customized and cost-effective energy strategies to meet our customers' needs. Shipley is constantly adapting to the environment and changing to offer more services. Today, we're your one-stop shop for all your commercial energy needs, including DEF.

Call us today at 717-771-0772 or fill out a contact form for more information about our cardlock fueling stations and diesel exhaust fluid.

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