Natural gas is an economical and efficient energy source for your home. If you’re looking for affordable natural gas prices in Scranton, PA, Shipley Energy can help. We have more than 90 years of experience providing competitive rates on essential heating and energy sources to homeowners throughout parts of PA and MD.

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At Shipley Energy, we make sure natural gas is a cost-effective choice. Choosing us as your supplier also gives you more choices. You can easily compare plans and prices in the area with our price checker. To use the tool, enter your zip code and you will get a complete list of different options so you can find what works best.

What Is Energy Choice?

Have you heard of energy choice but aren’t sure exactly what it means? It is more straightforward than you might expect. Energy choice is a result of deregulation in the market. Before deregulation, your utility company bought natural gas and set the rate you pay. Now, suppliers such as Shipley Energy buy natural gas. This change created a more competitive market, which resulted in lower prices.

Choosing a supplier does not eliminate the need for your utility company. They still deliver your natural gas, check your meter, and send you your bill — without any service interruptions. Shipley Energy and other suppliers use our buying power to get you the best natural gas rates while your utility company continues to deliver your supply.

Why Choose Shipley Energy as Your Natural Gas Supplier?

Natural gas is an excellent energy source. You’ll pay less for natural gas than you would for other types of energy because natural gas is so widely available.

If you currently have natural gas and are looking for a supplier or want to switch to a new one, there are many reasons to work with Shipley Energy – for instance, we’re a Pennsylvania based company!

As a natural gas supplier for homeowners in Scranton, we offer economical rates and two types of plans. This gives you many opportunities to find the right option for you.

With our fixed price plans, your cost per use remains the same for your plan’s entire duration. If you choose one of our variable price plans, your cost per use will change from month to month based on market pricing. Whether you want to lock in a rate or leave it to the market, we can accommodate your needs.

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In addition to great prices, we offer exceptional customer service. Give us a call at (855) 553-1128 or contact us online to get in touch with one of our energy experts.

Shipley Energy: The Natural Gas Experts

Shipley Energy: The Natural Gas Experts

For a more economical and environmentally friendly way to heat your home, you can rely on Shipley Energy to deliver quality natural gas at a competitive rate. Regardless of which pricing plan you choose, you’ll enjoy superior service and a high-quality product.

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