Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) customers can now take advantage of the benefits of switching to Shipley Energy. Deregulation in the gas industry allows customers to choose their natural gas supplier while maintaining good standing with their utility provider, including Philadelphia Gas Works. With Shipley Energy, you can save money on energy costs by signing up for a fixed pricing model that gives you a predictable natural gas bill to plan around while maintaining reliable service.

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About Philadelphia Gas Works

Philadelphia Gas Works has served the people of Philadelphia for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year since its formation on February 8, 1836. Today, PGW is the largest municipal gas utility in the United States, serving more than 500,000 customers each year. PGW serves all of Philadelphia, PA, managing 6,000 miles of gas mains. As a gas utility, PGW delivers 78 billion cubic feet of natural gas to customers each year. PGW is committed to serving residents and businesses in the Philadelphia area by providing quality services and natural gas solutions.

Shipley Energy and Philadelphia Gas Works: Our Roles Under Deregulation

Pennsylvania is one of 21 states in the U.S. that has a natural gas choice program. Under this type of program, customers have the option of choosing a third-party gas provider while maintaining their utility provider for the purpose of transportation. Prior to 1978, the federal government regulated the price at which natural gas producers could sell their product to the interstate pipelines, as well as the price pipelines could sell to local gas utilities.

Under the system Pennsylvania follows today, decreased federal regulation allows for nonutility suppliers to purchase gas and arrange for its transportation to customers through local gas utilities. Utility rates rise and fall throughout the year, but third-party suppliers offer fixed rates that vary from company to company. This system has led to increased competition between providers and more choices for small businesses and residential customers, resulting in lower prices.

Thanks to these decreased regulations, Philadelphia residents have more options when it comes to natural gas providers, but local utilities still transport energy to their homes and businesses. Shipley Energy is an example of a third-party supplier of natural gas that can provide customers with lower rates and improved services. Philadelphia Gas Works can still offer energy services, but customers can choose to only employ their transportation services by purchasing their natural gas directly from Shipley Energy.

I want to lock in my low natural gas rate!

Supplying Natural Gas to Philadelphia Gas Works Customers

At Shipley Energy, we’re proud to work with Philadelphia Gas Works to give you more control over your gas rates. You have the option to compare prices in Philadelphia Gas Works and find the best deal that fits your household or business needs. Philadelphia’s natural gas prices fluctuate day-to-day, which is why we offer fixed and variable pricing options to fit all of your budget needs. You have the freedom to choose a supplier, like Shipley Energy if PGW’s gas rates don’t fit your budget.

Choosing Shipley Energy can help you gain control over your budget. Philadelphia Gas Works still delivers your gas and provides emergency services to your lines, but we would supply your natural gas. When you switch, you won’t experience any interruption of services, and you can enjoy the security of a fixed natural gas price.

Compare Philadelphia Gas Works Rates

Deregulation affords Philadelphia residents the opportunity to compare Philadelphia Gas Works prices with those of third-party providers like Shipley Energy. When you switch to our services, you’ll have two payment options — fixed and variable.

With a fixed rate, you sign up for consistent payments that are detached from the ups and downs of the market. Even when natural gas prices rise and fall from season to season, you’ll pay a flat rate. This way, you’ll know exactly what expenses to expect from month to month and can plan your budget accordingly.

With a variable rate, your monthly payment will depend more on outside factors. Philadelphia Gas Works’ prices are generally lower when you switch to Shipley Energy thanks to competition between natural gas supply companies, but PGW’s rates will still depend on demand and market trends.

Why Switch to Shipley Energy?

Shipley Energy has over 85 years of experience serving customers in Pennsylvania and beyond. Our commitment to our customers makes us one of the most reliable natural gas suppliers in the industry. We offer a variety of pricing plans to Philadelphia Gas Works customers to ensure you are in charge of your bill. When you choose Shipley Energy, you will no longer be tied to the utility company’s natural gas prices which are impacted by demand, administration, and infrastructure costs that drive the price up.

Below are some of the advantages of switching your natural gas supplier to Shipley Energy:

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Choose Shipley Energy as Your Supplier

Choose Shipley Energy as Your Supplier

If you are interested in making the switch from PGW's gas rates, compare rates with our online pricing tool or reach out to one of our representatives to learn more about the benefits of choosing Shipley Energy as your supplier.

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